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Chinese Mandarin Teacher
Taiwan New Taipei City 新北市 Bachelors Degree Business 1545 Details
I am a business background, have bee living in China in the past 6 years, and taking a course on teaching Chinese as second language now. I would like to start to teach anyone who is interested in learning, I can also share my work experience with you and help you to know more about Chinese culture.
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Other 1539 Details
Photo Hi, this is Doris.I lived in melbourne for one year, and I was a mandarin tutor for a banker. I also taught some french students. So contact me if you are interested in learning mandarin no matter it's for business or daily conversation.
finding LE partner
Taiwan New Taipei City 新北市 2-Year College Degree English 1535 Details
Photo i've been English kindergarten teacher for 4 years and after then i was also a chinese teacher for teaching 7-9 childern in Bushiban, and they all doning very well in Chinese subject, i am a patient and flexable person, and kind of funny though, , meet me and let's be a good LE partner :D
Nice Tutor
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree English 1533 Details
Photo Ms CHENG Celine: Neihu District, Taipei 114 I hope I have chance to teach you Chinese. I am easy –going and patient who have certificate of Mandarin training from TLI. I can arrange a natural and lively learinin environment for you. The pay is negotiable . If you wish to improve your Chinese, please feel free to contact me.
Friendly Chinese Tutor
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 3-Year College Degree Other 1527 Details
Hi, I'm a Native speaker. Do you want to learn Chinese? I would like to help you and I should be a friendly Chinese tutor. Feel free to contact with me.
You can have a better choice!
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 MBA MBA 1528 Details
Hello! My name is Phoebe. I am a patient and professional Mandarin teacher. I have a certificate in teaching Mandarin and enjoying helping people to improve their Mandarin. I can improve your Mandarin listening, speaking, reading, writing ability and all type of text-material. I can teach you Pin-yin(拼音) or b-p-m-f(ㄅㄆㄇㄈ-Mandarin Phonetic Symbols), both are ok with me. I will try my best to help you with your Mandarin and I am sure that you can learn Mandarin well and effectively. If you are interested and really want to learn Mandarin, please drop me a few lines. I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks!
Wanna learn Mandarin Chinese in Kaohsiung
Taiwan Kaohsiung City 高雄市 Masters Degree Mandarin 1522 Details
Hey, there. I'm a graduate school student major in teaching Mandarin Chinese as a second language. I've ever taught Mandarin Chinese to American in the States for a year. If you're interested in learning Mandarin Chinese with me, please feel free to contact me via email. (Loc: Kaohsiung, Taiwan)
Native Speaker of Chinese Tutor with 3-Year Experience
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 MBA Marketing 1523 Details
Photo Native speaker of Chinese with 3-year tutoring experience. I've taught Spanish and American students to learn Chinese. To make the learning more efficient and effective, I'm willing to adjust course design with my students in accordance with their needs. One-to-one instruction for adequate practice. Any level is acceptable. Besides Romanization, can provide the teaching of Mandarin phonetic symbols as well.
ONLINE After Class Chinese tutor through Skype, MSN or Email
China Bachelors Degree 1520 Details
Photo My name is Sinkie. I am a native speaker of Chinese. I graduated from BLCU, which is famous for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. I taught many foreigners on campus for 4 years. Besides, I also helped them in their daily lives and even their jobs. I got TEM-8 English Certificate. I can provide online tutor service through Skype, MSN or other tools. You can study Chinese without limits of places and time. As long you have a computer, you can study efficiently. Some of my students are always busy with their jobs and they think online tutor can improve their studying efficiency. THE FIRST CLASS IS TOTALLY FREE.It is 1 hour including trial teaching, discussion of teaching methods and material, etc. I check my E-mail inbox everyday.
Experienced and Professional Mandarin Teacher
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Masters Degree English 1521 Details
Hello, I am Novia , a native Mandarin Chinese speaker, who lives in Taipei. I would like to know who like to learn Chinese and I could be your Chinese tutor. I major in Chinese language and literature in universaty and then I am a master right now. According to my teaching experience, I have taught Chinese for at least four years. I am a Chinese tutor right now and a teacher in Chinese Languaeg Center in National Taipei University of Education. Because I major in English teaching in national graduate school, I suppose I am good at communicating with my students who might have a little bit problem if they do not know how to express in Chinses. Last, I sincerely we could cooperate.
Taiwan Hsinchu City 新竹市 Bachelors Degree Other 1517 Details
My name is Coco, and I am looking to teach Chinese: one-on-one, or small classes. I am currently doing a course in teaching Chinese at the Wen-Hua University in Taipei, but I live in Hsin-Chu. If you are interested in improving your Chinese we can talk about the finer details and make arrangements. Thanks.
Chinese tutor
Taiwan Yilan County 宜蘭縣 Bachelors Degree Business 1518 Details
Hi, there, have you ever felt depressed that you can't chat with someone in Mandarin ?? It always wasted time and money stuck into some boring classes in the school all day long ? Now, you have another choice !!I used to instruct elementary school students for their compoisition. I have my own instruction to teach, so that you will learn the most useful and practical conversation effectively .I have confidence that you can make great progress by a few months. Actually, if you have no foundation , I will teach you by Pinyi and BPMF together. Don't worried, my students can argue with me for many topics now. So , you can do it as well , we will have a lot of practices in our class . Attached is my teaching agenda used in conversational lessons(there are six degrees), for your reference. Jerry
Teach Mandarin & Taiwanese free
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 2-Year College Degree Music 1516 Details
Hello ~ I’m a part-time Chinese /Taiwanese tutor , I like make foreign friends , I teach all foreign friends Chinese language is “ free service “ . I will teach you Pin-yin or bo po mo fo(ㄅㄆㄇㄈ -MPS-Mandarin Phonetic Symbols) , I can improve your Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing ability , every week I will prepare teaching handout and test , my teaching way is gradually from the basic key word speaking to the conversation practice , I believe you will soon to speak and write basic Chinese .
"Can't" learn Chinese despite your best efforts?
USA USA Ph.D. Other 1514 Details
Photo Want to get fluent and do it fast? I teach Chinese using proven instructional techniques intended for Western students. This is not your typical Taiwan class or exchange. I prepare and I know what I'm doing as a teacher. You will gain listening and speaking fluency as quickly as possible, you will understand every word I say during class, and content will be centered on what interests you. Your Chinese class should not be a guessing game nor a chance for your teacher to practice English. If you're tired of studying hard and getting nowhere with Chinese, try something totally different from the run-of-the-mill Taiwanese buxibans or tutors.
Chinese Teacher
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Mandarin 1512 Details
Hello, I am a Chinese teacher. My name is Twinsen. I hope I have a chance to teach you Chinese. There are a few things you should know first. : 1. I live in Taipei city. I hope you are not too far from me. 2. I use English to teach Chinese. 3. I use the book “Practical Audio-Visual Chinese”. (實(shí) 用(yòng) 視(shì) 聽(tīng) 華(huá) 語(yǔ)) 4. I majored in Chinese literature at Soochow University and I have a certificate of teaching Chinese. I’ve taught Chinese for 6 years. I know both Pin Yin and MPS(ㄅ:bo.ㄆ:po.ㄇ:mo.ㄈ:fo.). 5. I am also a part-time actor, so my Chinese pronunciation is better than normal Taiwanese or Chinese. 6. You can try my class before we start. Here is my method: First, we can have class for an hour. If you are satisfied with my class, then we can continue. I charge 400-600NT for each hour. If you are not satisfied, pay me$100(for 1 hr unsatisfied class and transportation allowance)(Taipei County$150). Then we can say goodbye to each other. No hard feelings. 7. I hope you are really interested in Chinese. Thank you.
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Japanese 1513 Details
Photo Ni Hao! 你好! I’m Yu-Hsuan who has been teaching Chinese for one and a half years. My students enjoy my class because we design the structure of class together. Instead of being as the teacher-student relationship, we are more like learning partners. I hope to help you built up your own way in learning Chinese, and also discover the cultural side at here. *Class for one month includes one FREE cultural activities program.
chinese class tailored for personal needs
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Masters Degree Education 1323 Details
Hi, I'm Derek. I've given tutor classes in a cram for the past year, and just had a break since winter vaction. Classes I've taught including: news reading, picture story, and from basic to literary Chinese. If you're interested in my ad, please let me know: (1) whether you'd be learning for speical purpose or just for leisure time after work; (2) the textbook you are working or had worked at; (3) in which aspect you'd like to enhance your language skills. ps1. the PREFERRED tutoring places are anywhere from MINSHENG E.ROAD Sec.3 To Sec.5. ps2. If you want to exchange by skills(guitar, linguistics, swimming...etc.), it works too.
Mandarin Course
Taiwan New Taipei City 新北市 Bachelors Degree Education 1367 Details
Hi there, I am native Chinese/Mandarin teacher and have been teaching Mandarin as a foreign language for many years. The class is a one to one basis or small groups of 2-3 students. If you want to learn basic Chinese or increasing your conversation, welcome to contact with me.
Chinese tutor
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 MBA MBA 1365 Details
Are you looking for a Chinese tutor to study Mandarin or improve your Mandarin! I would like to teach you !I can go to around your place, If interested , pls feel free to contact me, thank you !
Wanna learn Mandarin?
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Business 1403 Details
Photo Hello! My name is Ray, I have one Mandarin teaching certificate from Taipei Language Institute(TLI), and I am very patient when teaching.We could use either your book or my book as the teaching material, and I could also teach you the most popular words nowadays that you would hear everyday on TV but not in your books.Our class will be relaxing but i'll still make sure that you learn stuff everytime.
Mandarin Lessons
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Education 1378 Details
Hi there, I am native Chinese/Mandarin teacher and have been teaching Mandarin as a foreign language for many years. The class is a one to one basis or small groups of 2-3 students. If you want to learn basic Chinese or increasing your conversation, welcome to contact with me.
Mandarin tutor
Taiwan New Taipei City 新北市 Bachelors Degree Education 1351 Details
Hello~I majored in language education and have been an elementary school teacher for 5 years.I can speak Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, English.if you are interested, please email me~thank you ~
violin tutor
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Masters Degree Music 1344 Details
hi!I have been teaching violin for about 7 years. I was a violin teaching assistant in Penn State for 2 years.
Chinese tutor
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree MBA 1314 Details
Are you looking for a Chinese tutor to study Mandarin or improve your Mandarin! I would like to teach you !I can go to around your place, If interested , pls feel free to contact me, thank you !
922061094,300~500 Mandarin Tutoring
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 MBA MBA 1315 Details
Had experience of tutoring Mandarin for international learners such as Mexican, Indonesian and American. I can communicate with you in English, Spanish and of course Mandarin and I am patient and caring to students who face difficulties throughout the learning progresses. Please call me if you are interested.
Chinese tutoring with cheap price!
Taiwan Taoyuan County 桃園縣 Bachelors Degree English 1308 Details
I charge only 200NT/hr. We can learn various topics together from basic daily conversation to serious issues, depending on your chinese level:) Bascially it's an oral class, but reading and writing are also available if you want. email me for more information :)
chinese tutor
Taiwan Taichung City 台中市 Bachelors Degree Education 1286 Details
I am an elementary school teacher in Taiwan. I'll retire next year. I want to be a tutor of Chinese per hour NT$400. I have been South Africa, India, Japan and Korea for holiday trip. Please contact with me. If you are interested.
Chinese Tutor
Taiwan New Taipei City 新北市 Bachelors Degree English 1299 Details
Photo 你好! My name is Annie. I've completed the Mandarin Chinese teachers training program in South Taiwan University last year. And, I am looking to help you improve your Chinese. If you have interest in it, please email me. Have a nice day.
Highly professional Mandarin teacher
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Linguistics 1284 Details
I started my career as chinese teacher in a Taipei intermediate school. After two years there I decided to focus on teaching foreigners and therefore switched to one of Taipei's language institutes. After another year I moved abroad where I spent more than ten years teaching chinese. Since I have come back to Taiwan again, I have been teaching foreigners in one of Taipei's language institutes. I have experience in teaching students from all over the world. I am specialized in teaching conversation, business Mandarin, reading newspapers and holding speech. "Your excellent teaching skills combined with fluent English made learning of Mandarin easy for me! I am lucky that You have become my teacher." This statement is coming from one of my students, but acctually most of them have given me similar praise. I love teaching and enjoy to have contacts with people coming from many different cultures. Every lesson with my students is as if it were the first one. Contact me now and You will have fun and become confident with Your Mandarin.
Chinese Tutoring
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Masters Degree Mass Communications 1261 Details
Hi, I'm a native Chinese speaker. I've studied in the UK and the US. I like tutoring Language, especially I'd like to help anyone who wants to learn Chinese. I've got a teaching certificate from Beijing Language and Culture University. Drop me an email if you're interested.

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