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Bilingual Speaker --Mandarin Tutor, Fluent in English
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 MBA Business 1623 Details
Hello, my name is Alicia. I traveled near 10 countries and got my MBA degree in San Francisco in 2009. Thus, I'm an open-mind girl and experienced to hang out with people with diversified culture. I had been a part-time tutor when I stayed in the US. My expertise is Arts and Business, so if you are interested in Chinese Arts and the Business world, please contact me. My method is to encourage learners learning Chinese from daily life.
Do you want to learn Mandarin and learn it WELL?
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Mandarin 1614 Details
Photo Hi!!My name is Amber.I am a patient and professional Mandarin teacher with five years teaching experience.For beginners, I using computer as a auxiliary tool that helps student quickly and easily fit in Mandarin. Please contact with me. if you are interested.^^
let u speak fluent chinese
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Management 1620 Details
Photo i've been teaching chinese for almost 6 years. and what i emphasize is the ability of speaking and listening with Hanyu pinyin. as being a college student, i'm outstanding and easygoing one.that is i can be your teacher but also your friend!!
Time for a Change
USA USA Ph.D. Mandarin 1615 Details
Photo Can't learn Chinese, no matter how hard you study? Try a totally different, brain-friendly way of acquiring Chinese! If you're enrolled in a Chinese class locally, or trying to learn on your own using podcasts or Ro$etta $tone, chances are that your course is focusing on rote memorization of vocabulary, characters and grammar patterns. That just isn't the most efficient way for a Westerner to acquire Chinese. Chances are you're not getting to talk about anything that you care about much, either. How excited can you get about sentences like "Mr. Wang is tall", anyway, or writing words you can't use fluently in a conversation? I began my Chinese study as a young adult and am a qualified State Department interpreter today. I also hold a Ph.D. in Foreign Language Education, so I know how to teach as well. I can explain and clarify all the problems that beginning students of Chinese face in an easy-to-understand way. I'm American, native in English, so there's never a communication barrier. And I'm a certified teacher, familiar with the common textbooks and curricula in use around the area. Chinese does not have to be a difficult language. It just needs to be taught in a sensible, Westerner-friendly way. Don't let frustration and discouragement kill your interest in learning Chinese. One-on-one, group and family classes available. Let me show you how my broad arsenal of tricks and techniques can help you succeed with Chinese in no time!
Chinese tutors available
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Education 1612 Details
I am a good and well experienced teacher in teaching foreign student for past 15+years in private schools in Taipei city and Taipei county, from basic to advance and business level full time.
Experienced Teacher
Taiwan Taichung City 台中市 2-Year College Degree Business 1611 Details
My name is Sunny, I am originally from Taipei, have great language skills and pronunciation and teaching is my profession. I have a degree in business studies and have spent the last ten years teaching elementary students in all areas of Chinese. All levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced. The choice is yours as to what you want to study, reading, writing, conversation, grammar or a combination of all of them.
Chinese tutor
Hsinchu City 新竹市 Bachelors Degree Mandarin 1619 Details
Hi, I'm a Native chinese speaker. I can also speak Taiwanese very well. I finished Program of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language in National Taiwan Normal University last year. I would be your very helpful Chinese tutor. Feel free to contact with me
Share the life
Canada, Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Business 1610 Details
I have been tutoring Chinese children as my part time job since high school. I know hang yu pin yin very well and it's easier for new learners to learn Chinese. I am both fluent in English and Chinese. So don't be shy, give me a call, I will meet up with you with your timetable. I can be a good teacher to show you how to improve your Chinese and become your good friend.
Chinese Tutor
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 MBA Finance 1609 Details
Hi there, I'm a native Chinese and fluent in English. I have the certificate of TCSL(Teaching Chinese as a Second Language)and am developing my teaching skills. Please feel free to contact me if you are looking for a tutor/EL to help your Chinese abilities. I'm also a business professional (more than 10 yrs) that would help your business language in Chinese if you like.
Mandarin Lessons
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Marketing 1608 Details
Hi there, I am native Chinese/Mandarin teacher and have been teaching Mandarin as a foreign language for 5 years. I have been teaching Basic, Intermediate. If you want to learn basic Chinese or increasing your conversation, welcome to contact with me. It's free.
Chinese Teacher Wanted?
Taiwan Tainan City 台南市 Bachelors Degree Marketing 1605 Details
Photo Not just a native chinese and taiwanese speaker! I have finished chinese teaching training in National Taiwan University already. Besides, I am a freelencer, I am confident of my chinese ability. I am patience and easy going. I would like to teach chinese with a creative way, just contact me!
Chinese Tutor
Taiwan Hsinchu City 新竹市 Bachelors Degree Electrical Engineering 1607 Details
I have teaching experience
i'm a interesting teacher who can help you to learn chinese in the easy way
Taiwan Taoyuan County 桃園縣 Bachelors Degree Mandarin 1606 Details
Photo im a easy going person who can make you very quickly to pick up chinese!
chinese tutor
Taiwan New Taipei City 新北市 Masters Degree Mandarin 1601 Details
Hi, I am a student majoring in Master Program of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.I have one year of experience teaching Chinese when I was a college student.I also heve the Certification for teaching Chinese.I am good for beginners, I am patient with students.I live near MRT Dingxi and CKS.
Private Chinese Classes
Taiwan Hsinchu City 新竹市 Bachelors Degree Education 1600 Details
Hi! My name is Queena! I teach English to kids and Chinese to adults in Hsinchu. I have 5 different kinds of international Chinese teaching licenses: TCSOL ASET(UK)-TCFL TCSOL of Business Chinese Certificate in Teaching Chinese for Business Purposes TCYL If you are interested in learning about Chinese culture, or daily conversation, then look no further! Contact me now!
chinese tutor
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Mandarin 1589 Details
Photo Im going to finish my third year in National Taiwan Normal University this year.My major is Applied Chinese Lauguage and Literature(which focuses on teaching chinese as a second lauguage). I've learnt a lot from classes and im well-trained. I've also been seaching for more opportunities to get more experience on teaching. I have some chinese teaching experiences before. from kids to adults and im good for beginners. teaching experience: Online teacher of Institue for Information Industry Teaching asistant of NTNU Madarin summer camp
Learn Chinese +culture
Taiwan Taichung City 台中市 Masters Degree Other 1590 Details
I am a lecturer in Design in Universities in Taichung and an interpreter for many big events in Taiwan. Mandarin is my native language. I am very fluent in English as I have learned it well whilst living and working in London. I am experienced in teaching and understand what it takes for a foreigner to master a language in all aspects. If you are interested in art, films and learning Mandarin in a creative and affordable way please do not hesitate to contact me.
Wanna learn/improve your Chinese?!
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree French 1592 Details
My tutoring experience (Chinese teaching) is about 2-3 years. I worked oversea for 2 years, and started the Chinese teaching as my part-time and interest. My professional is always around international business. I believe the key to learn the language well, is that you need to build up a certain level of interest on it.
tutor or language exchange
Taiwan Kaohsiung City 高雄市 Masters Degree Management 1591 Details
Hello Everyone, my name is Ivy. If you need to improve your Mandarin or Taiwanese, I can help you out. I can listen, speak, read and write English, so I think there will be no communication problems between us. Also, I want to improve my English. Let's help each other! If you need, please feel free to contact me.
Customized tutorial lesson
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Masters Degree Mandarin 1583 Details
Chinese is hard whether in writing or speaking? Maybe you wanna prove it's a misuderstanding! With correct knowledge of the language rule of Chinese, you'll find your Chinese better soon! I'm a qualified Chinese teacher: 1.fluent in English, Chinese, and Taiwanese 2. Patient, easy-going, studying in the Institute of Teaching Chinese as Second/Foreign Language in National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) 3. Can teach both traditional and simplified Chinese 4. Customerized courses from basic to advanced for both adults and school-aged kids 5. Having official certificate of Teaching Chinese from Ministry of Education 6. Teaching Experiences include students from Japan, France, United States, Germany, Australia, Korea, Brazil, etc. 7. Free first time as a tryout Hope to hear from you and enjoy learning Chinese! Linda
The best Chinese teacher in Taiwan
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Mandarin 1586 Details
Hello, I am a Chinese teacher. My name is Twinsen. I hope I have a chance to teach you Chinese. There are a few things you should know first. : 1. I live in Taipei city. I hope you are not too far from me. 2. I use English to teach Chinese. 3. I use the book “Practical Audio-Visual Chinese”. (實(shí) 用(yòng) 視(shì) 聽(tīng) 華(huá) 語(yǔ)) 4. I majored in Chinese literature at Soochow University and I have a certificate of teaching Chinese. I’ve taught Chinese for 6 years. I know both Pin Yin and MPS(ㄅ:bo.ㄆ:po.ㄇ:mo.ㄈ:fo.). 5. I am also a part-time actor, so my Chinese pronunciation is better than normal Taiwanese or Chinese. 6. You can try my class before we start. Here is my method: First, we can have class for an hour. If you are satisfied with my class, then we can continue. I charge 400-600NT for each hour. If you are not satisfied, pay me$100(for 1 hr unsatisfied class and transportation allowance)(Taipei County$150). Then we can say goodbye to each other. No hard feelings. 7. I hope you are really interested in Chinese. Thank you.
Chinese Tutor
Taiwan New Taipei City 新北市 Masters Degree Marketing 1584 Details
Photo I am friendly and open-mind, can help you to speak Chinese properly(improve your tones)even reading and writing. Help ypu to write correct strokes of a Chinese character. My chinese pronunciation is clear and good.
local taiwanses with good english
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Linguistics 1582 Details
outgoing person. be happy to share everything i know about taiwan.
wanna pick up chinese
Taiwan Kaohsiung City 高雄市 Bachelors Degree English 1577 Details
wanna pick up chinese? listening, sepaking, daily conversation? I've taken part in Center of Langage and Culture Teaching when I was a junior. I can help you out.
chinese exchange English
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Mechanical Engineering 1576 Details
Currently i am a engineer work in the foreign company , i wonder that i can help you learn the chinese & i also can improve my English .it's win-win strategy. i'm so much look forward to find the partner. you can feel free to email me.
Cheap Mandarine tutor
Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Civil Engineering 1575 Details
My name is Dylan. I don't have any Experience in teaching Mandarine,but I had been stayed in Australia for working holiday for one year, thus it will not be a problem communicating with you in English So,no matter you want to imporve your Mandarin in all aspects(listening, speaking, reading, or writing)or do language change(English to Mandarin)event, I welcome you to contact me. I wish I can help you feel more comfortable and happy living in Taiwan and to discover more charms of Taiwan! My name is Dylan, thank you to glance over my AD!!!
Mandarin Tutor
Taiwan Bachelors Degree English 1574 Details
I focus on listening and speaking in the beginning level, after you can use Mandarin in daily life, I start to make efforts on teaching reading and writing. The students I tutored told me they improved a lot, especially in daily conversation. If you are interested, please drop me a line. Thank you.
looking for student
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Law 1571 Details
I am an experienced Chinese language teacher with TCSOL qualifications, is looking for 1 on 1 student or small group. time is negotiable . pls contact with me for any further information
Improve your Chinese
Taiwan Kaohsiung City 高雄市 Masters Degree Marketing 1550 Details
My name is Ling. I have litte Experience in teaching Mandarine when I studied in the UK. Thus, no matter you want to imporve your Mandarin in all aspects(listening, speaking, reading, or writing)or do language change(English to Mandarin)event, I welcome you to contact me. I wish I can help you feel more comfortable and happy living in Taiwan and to discover more charms of Taiwan!
Practical Chinese for serious students.
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Masters Degree Other 1547 Details
Experienced Chinese teacher looking for serious students who wish to review, practice and learn daily spoken Chinese and/or grammar. I also can help you review your lessons from university language centre.

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