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Looking for a Responsible and Committed Teacher?
03/27/04 Singapore No Combination: Some Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings Details
I'm a Singaporean graduated with a Honors Degree in Mass Communications from London. Currently, residing in Chang Hua with a resident visa (work permit not required). I will be available by April to work work full time. Look no further!
Native English teacher from America (USA.)
03/27/04 USA Yes Part-Time Details
Hello. I am looking for teaching possitions for the following times: Monday evenings. Thursday (I get off of work at 6:30 in Tienmu.) Friday (I get off of work at 5:00 in Tienmu.) If there is a way that I can make it to your school on time, please contact me. I have taught English in Taiwan for 6 months and in Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia for the past 6 years. I take teaching English serious. I like/love children, as I have a son of my own. I love to teach, and it is important that I see my students English skills grow. Call me to do a demonstation and let your children decide if I am sutible to teach them my native born language. I mix teaching with fun, but learning English takes priority over everythng. Contact me if there is a way that these hours can be worked out. Thank you for taking the time to read my add and hope to hear from you soon.
Two teachers for Taichung area!
03/27/04 SouthAfrica No Full-Time Details
We are two friends from South Africa who are looking for a teaching position in the Taichung or Changhua area. We have Bachelor degrees and are two hard working creative individuals.
Excellent teacher available-for adults only
03/26/04 UK Yes Part-Time Details
I am an english teacher from England. I have a degree in philosophy, and the TRinity TESOL qualification. I have experience teaching in England, Spain and Taiwan. I have an ARC, i am looking to increase my weekly hours. Available afternoons, thurs/fri evenings, weekends. I can teach adults conversation or business english. No children's schools please.
English teacher!
03/26/04 SouthAfrica Yes Part-time Afternoons and Evenings Details
I'm a 22 year old South African female looking for some afternoons and evenings to fill up.If you are interested please do not hesitate to e-mail me.
03/26/04 Canada Yes Combination: Some Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings Details
"Hi, i'm shawn dalton and i live in toronto/canada. I turor because i like sharing my knowledge and experiences. I ask lots of questions to my students. I have lots of experience tutoring asian students. I would prefer full time work. I am flexible and open minded. I have a passport so i am able to leave for asia. I need a plane ticket and an opportunity. I taught english to my kickboxing teacher's girlfriend. I used a college grammer book and we worked closely on sentence structure. Yuri is my sesai, and he likes learning english too, so i taught them both at the same time. I try and make it fun, i like to use a little humor because it keeps people interested. I used ""communicating in the workplace"" sixth canadian edition. I enjoy using this book because the concepts are easy to understand and the students get to learn how words fit together to form sentences. I also taught french to a high school student 2 days a week. His marks improved and so did his attitude. I showed a student in my college and a japanese exchange student the proper structure on an essay outline. I explained how to form a thesis and then gave examples. I showed them the three main ideas, and i asked them lots of questions about their topic. They came up with a third main idea based on the answers they gave me. I like teaching this way because it challenges them to come up with their own ideas. Everybody is smart, they need a little encouragement. I am fortunate to work with such smart people. In toronto, i get to work with people from around the world. I have always achieved strong english marks. In my college, i got an a in the course. I enjoyed reading and writing very much. My other interests include economics, business, banks, moi thai kickboxing and reading. Thank you very much for your interest in mr. Shawn dalton. (refer below). Shawn dalton Toronto, ontario Canada"
Looking for part-time or full-time job and Teach spanish language
03/26/04 Taiwan No Either One Details
I am taiwanese female studying in Taiwan but came back from South America.Graduating soon from english major and would like to find job on teaching english or someone who would like to learn spanish. Those who are interested, please send email to my addy. Thank you!
Summer job wanted
03/26/04 Canada Yes Either One Details
I was in Taiwan from September 2002 until November of 2003 teaching English to children and adults. I'm eager to go back to Taiwan because I love the country, people and culture. I'm very energetic, optimistic and love the challenge of living in a foreign country and always meeting new adventures. Also, there is nothing more rewarding than working as a teacher and helping people develop, and reach their goals. Please contact me for references and my resume.
Native Speaker TEFL Certified Job Applicant
03/26/04 USA Yes Full-Time Details
If you would like a fun, creative, outgoing, TEFL certified, native speaker to join your team here he is! I am available to speak with you at any time. Please feel free to contact me. I am currently residing in Prague, Czech Republic. Thank you.
Tutor Available to Improve Your English
03/26/04 Canada Yes Either One Details
I am a female Canadian. I have over three years of experience teaching in Taipei. At the moment I teach at a high school in Taipei. I am able to tutor both children and adults. I always plan my students' lessons according to their interests and needs. I am familiar with most teaching resources available in Taipei; therefore, am able to design a thoughtful and appropriate course for each student.
would you like to learn french
03/26/04 Canada Yes Either One Details
I am a canadian citizen. I have already teaching experience in taiwan. I am bilingual. (french and english) If you are looking for a full or part-time teacher for english or french class, I am available for you. I can also make private lesson. You can call me.
Cloth doll classes
03/26/04 SouthAmerica Yes Part-Time Details
Would you like to learn how to make beautiful cloth dolls? Cloth dolls classes available. Critters, traditional dolls, art dolls, face painting and sculpting
If experience is anything first on your list, look no further...
03/25/04 Australia Yes Combination: Some Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings Details
I have quite some experience on simply any given field of English lecturing. Whether you're kindergarten, cram school of any sort to provide kids, amateur or adults, I have just what you need on just about any occasions. Private tutoring is also welcome, since I have some experience on that also. A call would be what you need.
03/25/04 Canada Yes Part-time Mornings and Evenings Details
Enthusastic, positive, and love Taiwan. I am a Canadian with an Honours Degree, lived in England for two years and believe people are essential, and thus so is communication.
Experienced Teacher Looking for a Full Time Positon
03/25/04 Canada Yes Full-Time Details
I have recently moved to Taiwan from Canada. I'm staying with a friend in Taoyuan but I'm able to relocate anywhere in Taiwan. I have both my ECE and a BA in Child Studies and Psychology. I have taught both children of all ages and adults with disabilities. I feel that I have excellent qualifications and would like to discuss a teaching position at your school. Please contact me at the e-mail address provided if you have any questions.

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