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04/11/04 Australia Yes Combination: Some Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings Details
12 years experience in Taiwan.Friendly and willing to help you learn English.Make it fun and relaxed and informal.
Teacher looking for morning work.
04/11/04 UK Yes Part-time Mornings Only Details
My name is Emma Watson. I am 23 years old and come from England. I am currently living and teaching in Sindian, Taipei County. I am looking for morning work. I have had experience teaching children aged 6-15, and have also subbed kindergarten classes before now. Ideally I would like a position in the Sindian area. Thanks very much for reading!!
I am an experienced, motivated and ambitious teacher
04/11/04 Taiwan Yes Either One Details
I'm a Canadian With three years of teaching experience in Taiwan. Most of my experience is with junior high students but i've also worked in preschools and have taught private lessons to the young, the elderly the casually interested and students dedicated to a specific industry. I've taught classes as small as one and as big as 54 (with active experienced coteachers) I've recently moved to Hsinchu and am currently looking to expand my number of working hours. I will teach both private lessons for groups up to four (this number is negotiable) for a school , substitute or even run an English camp over a specified time period provided i have adequate support staff (it's possible i may be able to provide my own if neccesary) and the times requested do not conflict with previously made agreements. I currently work at an upper level preschool near the Hsinchu science park. but am free after 4:30 pm plus travel time to your location. I can be contacted after 4:30 pm 7 days per week, please do not call from an unlisted number as i tend to ignore those who need to hide thier identities.
04/10/04 Canada Yes Combination: Some Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings Details
Hi, my name is David, and I guarantee results with a teaching approach honed from thousands of hours of ESL teaching in Asia. I specialize in teaching adults and teenagers.
Couple looking for teaching positions in July and August
04/09/04 Canada Yes Either One Details
We are a couple looking for a teaching position in Taiwan. We are both 21 years old and very motivated. We both have TSL diplomas which are available upon request. One of us speaks Mandarin (1st year level) We are very motivated in teaching French or English and we look forward to see you in formal interviews. Romain & Carole
Experienced teacher seeks afternoon work
04/09/04 UK Yes Part-time Afternoons Only Details
I am an experienced english teacher from England. I have a BA degree and TESOL qualifications. I work in the evenings, and i am looking for a part time afternoon job teaching kids or adults. I am experienced teaching both.
Need a fun part-time teacher?
04/09/04 Canada Yes Part-time Afternoons and Evenings Details
Hi, I'm working until 3:30 at Nanjing/Fuhsing. Specifically, I'd like a grade one class with opportunities for singing, creative writing and drama as well as speaking, reading, spelling, and phonics. I love kids, am fun and dynamic but serious about learning. Resume available.
!! English Tutor /Private Lessons Available !!
04/08/04 Canada Yes Either One Details
I am a very experienced English tutor /teacher that is available immediately to assist with learning English skills for all areas of life. I have many years experience teaching people of all ages English grammar, conversation, business, exams, reading, and writing. I am a 29 year-old male from Canada that is available in the afternoons and evenings. I have very good rates and come fully prepared with teaching aids and materials to suit every need. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience by phone or email if you would like to arrange a meeting at any location that is easy for you. I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Available to Teach
04/07/04 Canada Yes Either One Details
I am a female native english speaker from Canada who is looking for a teaching position. I have a degree along with my TEFL certificate. Also, for any of those teachers out there looking for subs, I'm the one to call! Please contact me. Im looking forward to hearing from you!
do you need a part time teacher?
04/07/04 USA Yes Part-time Mornings Only Details
Hello, I'm an American female with experience teaching both children and adults. I have both a bachlors degree and a TEFL. I'm currently living in Taichung and teaching private lesons in the late afternoon and evening. I want to find a part time morning job at least 10 hr a week. Please don't hesitate to contact me for an interview or resume. Thank you!
UK English teacher or chef
04/07/04 UK Yes Combination: Some Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings Details
I consider myself to be a competent teacher with knowledge of the workings of the English language and the high levels of standard required from my employers and most of all the students. I am also a competent chef with many years of experience with the workings of the kitchen. These include costing & control of stock, menu planning, and supervision and the training of staff. I do not have cert in Bachelors, although i do have experience in teaching English.
Great teacher found!
04/07/04 USA Yes Either One Details
I?ve been living and working in Taiwan for over two years now and really enjoy it! Working in Taiwan has also been a challenge in that I had to learn to deal with people whose culture is very different to my own. In order to present lessons well and in a way that is understood by the learners, I had to be organized and well prepared. Working with young children who are easily distracted forces me to constantly think up new ways of keeping them interested and motivated. I have also had to learn to adapt my lessons to the class I?m teaching. I may teach the same material to different classes, but their differenced in personality means that I constantly have to consider the students I?ll be teaching to when doing my lesson plan.
Seeking English teaching possitions around June 4, 2004
04/06/04 USA Yes Either One Details
I am presently in Taipei. I will be leaving for overseas and returning around June 4, 2004. I am planning on finding a room in the Banqiao area, which means that I can work in either Banqiao, Tu Cheng, Sin Juang, Zhong He or anywhere just off of the Nankang blue line MRT (central Teipei.) I am a native English speaker. I have an American accent. I have taught English in Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia over the past 6 years. I like/love children and have a son of my own. I like/love to teach and take my students progress in English seriously. I know a lot of different techniques to help the students pronounce words correctly. I can play with them and make them laugh or I can be serious. That is up to the schools desires. Please contact me, as I could possible come in for a demo before I leave overseas for a month. I could possible come in for an interview or demo and that way I will have work when I return and you may need a teacher if someone leaves unexpectedly. Thank you for taking the time to read my add and hope to hear from you soon. Take care.
Teach in Taiwan
04/05/04 China Yes Full-Time Details
My name is Liam Sheridan. I have a Bachelor?s Degree in English Language and Literature, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education in English and a Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I have taught English as a Foreign Language abroad for 14 years of my teaching career in Africa, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and China to all age groups from children to adults and all levels from Beginner to TOEFL. I have also taught EFL twice in Britain at summer schools to multi-level, multi-nationality groups.I am prepared to live and work in any place in Taiwan.
Friendly and enthusiastic gentleman teacher
04/05/04 USA Yes Part-Time Details
Hi, I am a graduate from a New York State University with a degree in French, Anthropology and Linguistics. If anyone is interested in private lessons, I can tutor English or French. I can help you practice conversation skills as well as proofread writing assignments. I can only meet from around 9:00am to 2:00pm weekdays. Please call or email me. Thank you.

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