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# Headline Nationality Gender Highest Educational Level Achieved Highest Educational Level Major Language You Can Translate No. Date In Favorites Details
Speak fluent English and Mandarin Chinese
Taiwan Male;男 Senior High School Other International Language, English, Mandarin 266 10/18/13 Details
Hi, I was born and raised in the US. I have been teaching in Taiwan for about two years now. I am a native english speaker and fluent in Chinese. My experience in translating is minimal but can translate in a prcise fashion without the need of a dictionary. Hope to gain working experience and ...
English -SpanishTranslator
Spain Female;女 Bachelors Degree English German, Spanish 264 09/30/13 Details
Photo Hi! I am a Spanish woman currently taking Chinese classes and willing to work in the translations field. I can translate from English to Spanish and the reverse. Moreover, I also have some knowledge of German. In my previous jobs I have been in charge of translating and correcting university W ...
Native English Speaker -Translation for 6 Languages!
USA Male;男 Bachelors Degree Linguistics English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish 263 09/29/13 Details
Photo I have been doing professional translation work for over three years, mainly in the software and medical fields. Much experience with Spanish, English and French translation in these fields. Additional freelance experience with Japanese, Korean and Chinese. I enjoy translation and see it not onl ...
Accurate&Punctual Chinese>English
Netherlands Male;男 Bachelors Degree Japanese Dutch, English, Mandarin 262 09/23/13 Details
My rates are low (1NT per source character). And I accept translation assignments from any domain. The main translation language combinations I work with are: 1. Chinese>English 2. Japanese>English 3. Dutch>English I accept translation projects regarding any topic. Therefore, feel fr ...
Freelance Translator and Proofreader Available
USA Female;女 Bachelors Degree Asian Studies English, Mandarin 261 08/19/13 Details
Hello, I recently finished a one year intensive Chinese language program at National Taiwan University's International Chinese Language Program (ICLP). During my time at ICLP I focused on translation (Chinese/English and English/Chinese) and improving my listening skills. I have studied Chines ...
American Translator/Transcriber
USA Male;男 Bachelors Degree Mandarin Mandarin 259 08/08/13 Details
My name is Robert Jay Arnold and I have studied Chinese for about 14 years. I can read, write and speak Mandarin fluently. I can also translate written documents for academics. film, ads, newspapers or whatever it is you desire. I also have taught English for ten years and I am a published novel ...
Affordable Chinese-English Translator Available
USA Male;男 Bachelors Degree Other Mandarin 260 08/12/13 Details
I have wide-ranging experience in translation, from menus and marketing blogs to short stories and published journal articles. I'm currently a Master's degree student in Chinese literature at Shida (師大國文研究所碩士班). My prices are reasonable and I have high standards of accuracy a ...
Guatemala Female;女 Bachelors Degree Business English, Spanish 258 07/31/13 Details
Photo I have worked as a translator since i can remember. I translated either in a fair stand or or as an interpreter. The languages i've translated mostly are from spanish to chinese or chinese to spanish. Most of my customers are from other countries. I have some clients from Taiwan, Argentina, ...
Arabic-English-French Translator
United Kingdom Male;男 Masters Degree Other French, Arabian 257 07/09/13 Details
I studied BA Arabic at SOAS, University of London, including a year and a half at the University of Damascus, Syria. Since then I have worked as a translator and interpreter in diverse fields including the pharmaceutical industry, marketing, construction, education, and most recently TV and film ...
Translate English to Chinese, or Chinese to English, or German
Taiwan Female;女 Bachelors Degree Other English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, German 255 07/02/13 Details
I can translate things from English to Chinese, or from Chinese to English. I have done both before. I take cases freely most of the time. I am reliable.
American Translator /Have studied Mandarin 8 yrs
USA Female;女 Bachelors Degree Anthropology English, Mandarin 254 06/26/13 Details
I am a PhD student at the University of Washington in Seattle. I am also a native English-speaker who has studied Mandarin (both traditional and simplified characters) for 8 years. I have experience translating and editing resumes, public announcements, applications and academic papers (Chinese ...
Persian /Farsi Translator in Taiwan available
Iran Male;男 Masters Degree Linguistics English, Other Languages 252 06/03/13 Details
Photo I have translated two books and numerous documents in different fields in fifteen years. My major interests are in business related settings and simultaneous translation.
Brazilian born, Taiwanese descendant, lawyer
Brazil, Taiwan Male;男 Bachelors Degree Law English, Portuguese 251 06/01/13 Details
Portuguese native speaker, fluent in English, Spanish and Chinese. In Taipei improving my Chinese language skills at NTNU.
MBA Translator
USA Male;男 MBA Business English, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian 249 05/24/13 Details
Photo I have translated business contracts, articles of association, play scripts, poetry, fiction, marketing materials, government documents, and various other types of documents.
Engineering & Management Articles
Taiwan Female;女 Masters Degree Industrial Engineering English, Mandarin, Spanish, Other Languages 248 04/25/13 Details
Dear Customer, I helped professors in NCKU translating Mechanical Engineering thesis and papers from UCLA and other science journals ~ Both English to Chinese & Chinese to English. I'm experienced for Management Articles as well. I'm OK with ART, Music, Medical Stuffs as well. Also good speaki ...
Professional Translation/Interpretation Service
Malaysia Male;男 Masters Degree Law English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, Cantonese, Japanese, French, Malaysian 247 04/11/13 Details
I have more than 10 years translation/interpretation experience. I have translated different kinds of works you can imagine. Most of my works are English-Chinese, but I did have good knowledge in Bahasa Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnamese, Japanese, and French.
Economic-legal-academic translator available! :)
Spain Female;女 Masters Degree International Relations English, Mandarin, French, Spanish 245 03/12/13 Details
Photo Hi! I am a professional and detail-oriented SPA-ENG-FR translator. Experience: 3 years. Fields: university records, business and legislation texts. I'm a certified Sworn Translator (ENGSPA) by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I have worked in London, Chicago, Beijing and Taiwan. Langu ...
Translator available
France Female;女 Bachelors Degree Linguistics English, Mandarin, French, Italian, Spanish 244 03/04/13 Details
3 different bachelor's degrees, in English, Italian and Chinese languages and cultures. I have improved my language skills by traveling a lot, doing various jobs in different countries and simply talking to people. I began working as a freelance translator after a translation internship in Costa ...
Experienced Translator Available
USA Female;女 Bachelors Degree Spanish Mandarin, Spanish 243 02/20/13 Details
Photo I am a multilingual, recent college graduate who has had experience both interpreting and translating, primarily for documents in Spanish, but I am also fluent in Mandarin. I have been studying Spanish for 16 years, and was a double major in Spanish and Mandarin in college. I worked at a non-pro ...
Trilingual Translator/Interpreter
USA Male;男 Masters Degree Other English, Mandarin, Spanish 241 02/12/13 Details
I've helped with in-house translation projects at the university where I teach: YZU. I've also created bilingual teaching materials for courses I've taught.
Interpreter with IT and Business Consulting Experience
Taiwan, USA Female;女 MBA Business English, Mandarin 240 01/29/13 Details
14+years of IT experience in a US corporation specialized in Banking and Financial Services industry, 4 years of business consulting experience in Shanghai. Speaks and writes fluently in English and Mandarin.
I'm a native Madarin speaker currenly study Master of Translating and Interpreting at Sydney
Taiwan Male;男 Masters Degree Other English, Mandarin, Taiwanese 235 12/16/12 Details
I'm a native Madarin speaker currenly studying Master of Translating and Interpreting at Sydney. I have also been working as a freelance, translating subtitles for TV shows.
Polish/English translations
Poland Female;女 MBA MBA English, Other Languages 234 12/04/12 Details
I am native Polish speaker, that have been living in Taiwan for over 5 years. I did my MBA studies in Taiwan in English, and have various international academical publications written in English.
Mandarin -English
United Kingdom Male;男 Masters Degree Mandarin Mandarin 233 11/26/12 Details
Hello, my name is William and I'm an experienced translator interested in new work. I graduated from Edinburgh University with an MA (Hns.) in Chinese and have completed one year of intensive study at NTU ICLP program. In total, I have lived in Taiwan and China for over five years. During these ...
Mandarin to English Translator
United Kingdom Male;男 Bachelors Degree Mandarin English, Mandarin 231 11/10/12 Details
I'm a graduate of the BA Chinese Studies degree at the University of Sheffield. The final two years of the degree programme included weekly classes on translation skills. Since graduating in June 2011 I have had a continuous stream of translation from companies based in the UK and Taiwan, mostly ...
translation from arabic to english
Jordan Male;男 Masters Degree Information Management English, Arabian 232 11/12/12 Details
hi my name is ismail and am from jordan master student at chung hua uneversity in taiwan.
Spanish Translator
Nicaragua Female;女 Bachelors Degree Economics English, Spanish 227 11/02/12 Details
Hello, My name is Neyling Mendoza. From Nicaragua Country. Spanish native speaker and speak English and basic Mandarin too. From 2 year ago I'm doing translation for companies that need Marketing advertising specially for Latin American markets and some times I do voice record too, I've been wo ...
Mandarin to English translator
United Kingdom Male;男 Masters Degree Mandarin Mandarin 225 10/13/12 Details
I have just completed a Masters in Sinology (modern and classical Chinese studies) at SOAS (part of the university of London), and am awaiting results. I received a 2-1 in BA Chinese (modern and classical). I am fluent in Japanese, and can speak French well. I also studied one unit of Cantonese ...
French English Translation
Canada Female;女 Masters Degree History English, French 224 10/13/12 Details
Photo As a native speaker of English and French holding a Master’s degree from Oxford University, I’m offering my help in translating essays and written material in both languages. I have high standards of quality, fluency in academic prose, and several years of experience translating written ...
Chinese to English
United Kingdom Female;女 Bachelors Degree English English, Mandarin, German 223 10/05/12 Details
As a journalist working in Taiwan, I write English articles from Chinese sources daily. I also have significant experience translating German to English, including documents, official letters, academic essays and literary pieces. My translations sound natural and idiomatic. I am happy to proofre ...

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