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# Mandarin Ability Posted Skills to Cover Headline Location Number of Students Age Level No. In Favorites Details
Intermediate 08/03/17 Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Looking for Chinese Tutor/LE
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 3006 Details
I've been living in Taipei for a year now and my Chinese has improved enough to begin learning how to read and write. My schedule is sporadic due to work, I am looking for a tutor or LE that is flexible with their schedule and can meet once to twice a week.
Beginner 07/31/17 Reading, Listening, Speaking
Looking for Beginner/Intermediate Tutor
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 3009 Details
Hi, I'm a 29-year old guy from America. I took 4 months of Mandarin at a language institute here in Taipei. I'm looking to continue learning Book 2 of a Course in Contemporary Chinese (I'm on Unit 5) and basic conversation. I would like to meet two evenings a week for 2 hours each time (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday). I live and work near Guting, so somewhere not too far from there would be preferred. Please let me know if you can help, what your rates are, and if you offer a trial class. Thanks!
None 07/31/17 Listening, Speaking
Complete beginner looking to learn basics
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 3004 Details
Hi, I'm Sean. I've been in Taipei about 6 months but have found it hard to find Chinese classes to fit my scheduled. Looking for a private tutor to teach me the basics of conversational Chinese hopefully until I find a course :) Looking for something maybe twice a week preferably on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Beginner 07/31/17 Listening, Speaking
Looking for a tutor to practice conversation
Kaohsiung City 高雄市 1 Adult 3008 Details
大家好! I am currently a student studying Chinese at university in the mornings. I also work in the afternoons, so my schedule can be quite busy! I am looking for a tutor to help me develop more confidence in using Chinese and build fluency. I want to take the TOCFL exam in November, so I want to prepare well for it. I am happy to talk on skype (webcam), LINE or face-to-face to discuss more. If things work out well, I am looking to meeting for a minimum of THREE DAYS a week! Many thanks, Chris!
Beginner 07/31/17 Reading, Writing
Looking for Chinese Tutor
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 3007 Details
I'm an American looking for a Chinese tutor to learn reading and writing. I can speak Mandarin conversationally. I work in Taipei but have a hectic schedule so I'm looking for a tutor who can be flexible with class schedules. Thanks!
Intermediate 07/31/17 Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Mandarin Tutor Wanted
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 3002 Details
Hello! I am an American male living in the Wenshan District (near WanFang Hospital MRT) and I am looking for a Mandarin tutor beginning this August (extending indefinitely). I have lived in Taiwan for almost a year, and I am hoping to improve my speaking and listening (writing and reading are a distant second). If you are willing and available, let's talk! Thank you!
Beginner 07/24/17 Listening, Speaking
Searching CN-Tutor
Hsinchu County 新竹縣 2 Adult 3000 Details
My husband and me are searching Chinese Teacher for privat lessons to get skills in speaking, listening and maybe reading. Zhubei City or Hsinchu preffered.
None 07/19/17 Reading, Listening, Speaking
Chinese Tutor Wanted
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 2996 Details
Hi I am looking for a tutor to pick up basic conversational chinese. I am available for classes twice a week preferably in the evenings.
Beginner 07/19/17 Listening, Speaking
Want to learn CN
Hsinchu County 新竹縣 2 Adult 2999 Details
My husband and me are searching CN-Tutor in Zhubei or Hsinchu.
None 07/10/17 Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Looking for a private Chinese teacher
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 2990 Details
Hello, I'm Leo. I'll start to work in Taipei at Augst and I would like to learn Chinese(3 times a week, Weekday evening or morning on weekend), and looking for a experienced Chinese teacher(native speaker). It would be nice if we can have the class in the meeting room of my condominium(Xinyi district). If you are interested, feel free to contact me by email Thank you.😊
Beginner 07/10/17 Listening, Speaking
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 2989 Details
Need someone for only 1 week to teach me mandarin
Beginner 07/05/17 Listening, Speaking
Need help
Hsinchu County 新竹縣 1 Adult 2985 Details
Im Guchi from Japan, who wants to study Chinese in 新竹懸. My Chinese is very very poor. Need your help.
Beginner 07/05/17 Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
want to learn chinese this july 2017 in taiwan
Taipei City 台北市 1 University 2986 Details
Hi! I'm in Taiwan this july and I'd like to learn some chinese. I learnt some basics a couple of years ago in China, but I'd like to get to a basic conversation level... Preferably in the mornings.
Beginner 06/23/17 Speaking
Chinese tutor wanted
Taoyuan City 桃園市 1 Adult 2981 Details
I am looking for Chinese tutor in Zhongli area
Intermediate 06/20/17 Listening, Speaking
looking for a chinese tutor in Taichung
Taichung City 台中市 1 Adult 2980 Details
I am looking for a qualified chinese teacher in Taichung for morning and/or afternoon classes.

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