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Chinese Tutor
11/23/17 Yes Taiwan Yes New Taipei City 新北市 Part-Time Part-time Afternoons and Evenings Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan Hi everyone, I'm Pauline from Taiwan. I can teach everyone Taiwan phonetic symbols or Mandarin phonetic symbols (Hanyu pinyin) and others. For examples, listening, speaking, writing, reading and Chinese grammar, etc. Although i don't have experience of teaching, i'll make the best of it.
The good English teacher
11/23/17 Yes Australia Yes Taipei City 台北市 Either One Details
I have an ARC already so the school does not need to apply work permit/ARC for me. Currently based in Taipei. I have managed to attain 100% return rates for many of my classes in the past. I understand fully that a happy class means returning students and a successful school. Happy to look at part-time or full-time positions.
Looking for career in taiwan in teaching or corporate job
11/20/17 Yes Netherlands No Czech Republic Full-Time Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan Looking in Taiwan for a career in teaching or a corporate job.
English Teacher available to start now
11/11/17 No United Kingdom Yes Taipei City 台北市 Full-Time Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan I'm in Taipei now and ready to take on a full time position. I have 1 year of experience teaching ESL in Vietnam including business English, kindergarten, phonics, one to one tuition, public school and cram school. I'm creative, patient and enthusiastic. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Daniel
I can teach you Chinese or Japanese easy way.
11/07/17 Yes Taiwan No Japan Either One Combination: Some Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings Details
I can teach you Chinese or Japanese easy and happy way. teaching online chat meeting anytime. please ask me.skype pjp20032003 20USD per hour (no limit for how many people on one line.So you can share with other people together) if you have 4people , for one only 5usd. Thank you.
Spanish Teacher in Taipei /Profesor de Español en Taipei
11/05/17 Yes Spain Yes Taipei City 台北市 Either One Details
Test my personal method of teaching the Spanish language in Taipei any day of the week for only 350TWD per hour. Whatever your level or we can start with a first lesson. I will do everything possible so that you can continue learning even remotely with me through Skype, and also through documents and videos from the internet. I´m currently living near Xingtian Temple MRT station.
Energetic Fun professional Teacher -10 years experience
11/04/17 Yes USA Yes Taipei City 台北市 Either One Details
Hello, my name is Matt. I’m very happy to be in Taiwan. I majored in linguistics and education in greauate school, I have 10 years experience teaching English reading, writing, grammar, pronunciation and more to both children and adults. My style is humorous, patient and fun. Thank you for interest! I look forward to talking with you soon.
11/03/17 Yes China Yes New Taipei City 新北市 Part-Time Part-time Afternoons and Evenings Details
Hello, I am Tina. I have been a Mandarin teacher for about 10 years. I am a professional experienced teacher and i enjoy teaching very much . I hope we can enjoy the teaching together !
Let's Talk
11/02/17 No USA Yes Taipei City 台北市 Either One Part-time Mornings and Afternoons Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan I am a native English speaker experienced in helping business professionals (B1-C2) advance their English communication in corporate arenas. I also enjoy teaching young learners (G3-12) to maximize their academic input and learn core educational standards. I look forward to sending you my CV to discuss how I may help your students achieve success.
Experienced Teacher of Adults: Business, Academic and General English
10/30/17 No Ireland Yes Taipei City 台北市 Either One Part-time Mornings and Afternoons Details
I teach Academic, Business and General English. I also teach English language exam preparation (IELTS and Cambridge exams specifically), English for Specific Purposes and skills (reading, writing, speaking, pronunciation and listening). I can also proof-read and edit a variety of texts.
Native dual language teacher, can teach both English or Chinese
10/30/17 Yes Hong Kong Yes Taipei City 台北市 Either One Details
Dear all, I am stev and currently in taipei and with my strong passion and interest to live here and utilize my experience and skills in coaching, teaching and training, I am seeking for company, institute or personal who are looking for either full time or part time teacher
Experienced teacher with International Teaching License
10/28/17 No Nepal Yes Taipei City 台北市 Either One Details
I am Sally , a 24 year old energetic and passionate teacher with an International teaching license and an advanced TESOL certificate. I have been living in Taiwan for 2 years and have a spousal ARC with open working rights through my Taiwanese husband. The school does not have to apply my working permit. Teaching is my passion and I love to work with young kids. I have more than a year experience of teaching kindergarteners. If you have any opportunity available, please send me an email and I will reply you promptly. Thank you !
27-year-old American English teacher with teaching experience
10/27/17 Yes USA Yes Taipei City 台北市 Full-Time Details
Hello! I am a 27-year-old American from San Diego, California. I have a B.A. in cinema and a minor in marketing from San Francisco State University. After graduating I worked in public relations in San Francisco for several years. I am currently living in Taipei and studying Chinese at 國立臺灣師範大學. Before arriving in Taiwan I taught English in Beijing for a year and a half. I am seeking full time employment as an English teacher starting in December, 2017. I would prefer to stay in Taipei but am open to offers of employment elsewhere in Taiwan. I speak Chinese at an intermediate level. If you are interested in speaking more with me by phone, email or in person, please reach out. Thank you! Max Berwald
Chinese tutor
10/27/17 Yes Taiwan Yes Taipei City 台北市 Full-Time Details
你好, 我是Dora來自台北, 我的大學主修是華語文教學 Ni hao, I’m Dora from Taipei. My bachelor degree is in Chinese Teaching. 在我大學的時候, 我當過一些交換學生的中文小老師, 幫助他們學習中文和分享彼此的文化 When I was in college, I tutored some exchange students, I helped them to learn Chinese, and we shared our different cultural experiences with each other. 現在我約有兩年的中文教學經驗, 教學項目包括日常會話, 發音教學, 發音調整, 漢字教學, 文化習俗以及商務中文 So far, I have taught Chinese for two years. My tutoring includes daily conversation, pronunciation, pronunciation correction, Chinese characters, Chinese culture and business Chinese. 我也會針對每個學生的興趣, 挑選適合的主題融入課程教學 I will assimilate some of the students’ hobby into the class. 在課程開始之前, 我會先評估你的中文程度, 再依照你所適合的程度, 設計專屬於你的教學計畫 Before the class, I will assess your Chinese level. I will then make a personalised plan for you based on this information. 在課程當中, 我喜歡用大量的對話和練習來做教學, 搭配各式各樣的圖片或動畫以及有趣的教學活動 I prefer to teach by conversation and interactive practices in class, with a variety of image or videos, and interesting teaching activities. 我也喜歡和我的學生們分享中華文化, 在文化課程中, 你可以學到許多有趣的事物 I also like to share Chinese culture with my students which will help them grasp the language quickly. 在課堂中, 或是下課後, 若是有任何的問題, 都歡迎你隨時提問, 我會盡我所能回答你 If you have any questions, you can ask me at any time, I will answer you the best I can. 在這裡, 你可以透過你想要的方式, 學習你想要的中文 Through my teaching, you will have an incredible Chinese learning experience. 想要進一步了解我的中文課嗎?如果你 有興趣, 歡迎與我聯絡, 我們可以一起互相討論 Want to know more about my Chinese class? Feel free to contact me to learn more. 讓我為你量身打造屬於你的中文課吧! Let’ s build your dream Chinese class together. 我們課堂上見喔~ See you in the class~
Creative, experienced ESL teacher from Australia
10/24/17 Yes Australia No Australia Part-Time Combination: Some Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings Details
Hello, my name is Gary Burkon. I am a certified ESL teacher from Australia with experience teaching to all levels and age groups in public and private schools and academies in South Korea, Japan, and The Czech Republic. I have a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, CELTA accredited TESOL Certification, and National Police Clearance (criminal background check). For the past two years I have been working as school photographer here in Western Australia. I am currently looking to return to my passion for teaching and am seeking a suitable ESL teaching position in Taiwan, preferably in New Taipei City, Taichung, or Tainan. I am a warm-hearted, patient and enthusiastic teacher who strives to deliver creative lessons in which students can enjoy learning and using language in the context of their own lives and experience. I aim to bring a holistic quality to the role, providing guidance and support not only academically, but also as a friendly and considerate mentor. Structure, preparation, variety, clarity, and above all, a positive relationship with students are some of the key principles I advocate for successful teaching. Please contact me to discuss relevant positions with your school, I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Gary Burkon

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