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# Headline Nationality Gender Age Mandarin Ability Height Weight No. Web Site In Favorites Details
Model with looks of a professor and heart of a clown
Czech Republic Male;男 31 None 180-184 cm 60-64 kg 558 Details
Photo Hello, I’m Martin and my past modeling experience is mostly with a costume and heavy makeup posing for promotional pictures for my own story books, also I acted in 2 theater plays, so I’m used to be in front of a camera or live audience, let me know which one will it be, I can swing both way ...
Russia, Russian Federation Female;女 20 Beginner 170-174 cm 55-59 kg 555 Details
Hello! My name is Elena, Country Russia. Age 20 Height 172 Have experience
Mexico Male;男 28 None 165-169 cm 75-79 kg 552 Details
Photo Being in the fitness industry has taught me to look my best at all times to attract clients. My experience in modeling is in promoting my business in the U.S.
searching for modeling jobs
Slovakia Female;女 30 Beginner 175-179 cm 50-54 kg 551 Details
Photo Young Slovak woman and former model, living in Taipei is looking for modeling or acting jobs. I have experience and I'm easygoing, friendly person and would love to hear from you :)
Model/Actor Available
Taiwan, USA Male;男 24 Fluent 185-189 cm 70-74 kg 550 Details
Photo Hi Everyone. I have had over 3 years modeling and acting experience. I would be glad to due test shoes or any paid modeling acting gig as well.
Caucasian-American model
USA Male;男 31 Intermediate 180-184 cm 70-74 kg 548 Details
Photo I believe in both physical and mental fitness. I have a strong work ethic and I'm easy to work with. I show up on time, do the work until it's finished to satisfaction, never complain, and treat everyone with respect. I have experience modeling and acting in both American and Taiwan. Inc ...
International product
United Kingdom, USA Male;男 30 None 180-184 cm 70-74 kg 549 Details
business man like
Awesome Clown Available to Entertain
Argentina Male;男 41 None 175-179 cm 80-84 kg 544 Details
Hey, I am a circus performer who specializes in Clown shows. I am from Buenos Aires, where I directed a school of Circus, and have been touring Europe and Asia. I am in Taipei to stay, so please get in touch with all your circus needs! I am available for producing events, as well as performance. ...
Model Available
USA Male;男 25 Intermediate 185-189 cm 75-79 kg 547 Details
Photo I would be happy to help you with your modeling needs.
American Model/Performer
USA Female;女 24 Beginner 170-174 cm 60-64 kg 543 Details
Photo Hello! My name is Robin. I am an American. I was born and raised in the U.S., and I have bachelors degree in Journalism from the University of Georgia. Languages: English, Chinese, French I studied in France for a semester and traveled alone to surrounding countries including Spain ...
Italy model
Italy Male;男 38 Beginner 180-184 cm 80-84 kg 542 Details
Hi I'm Italian , but I've been living in U.K. for a long time. I'm now in Taipei , I've got experience in modelling and love body building, fitness, cooking healthy food. My attitude is positive and I like socializing with different nationality people.
American Model
USA Male;男 32 Beginner 175-179 cm 65-69 kg 540 Details
Photo Hello, I'm an American living in Taipei for five years now. I lift weights four days a week and do cardio two days a week. I'd say I have a muscular/swimmer's build. I'm interested in all modeling positions. Particularly in magazines and or commercials. I have more modeling photos, but this web ...
American Model Available
Italy, USA Male;男 23 None 175-179 cm 75-79 kg 539 Details
Photo I am a 23 year old American working and living in Taipei, Taiwan. I am a dedicated, hard working individual that loves the entertainment industry. Previous modeling experience includes figure modeling (US, Taipei), entertainment(dance), benefit model shows, amateur model in US. I am looking for ...
South African Model
South Africa Male;男 27 Beginner 165-169 cm 65-69 kg 538 Details
Photo I have no modeling experience as such but I have been making stage performances for the majority of my life for live entertainment and know how to look good doing it.
USA Model
USA Male;男 23 Beginner 165-169 cm 60-64 kg 534 Details
Photo I am an American currently seeking work as a model in Taipei. I have various strengths that I can offer to the industry, please message me for further details
American Model
USA Male;男 27 None 185-189 cm 80-84 kg 531 Details
Photo I have done runway modeling for fit sports wear clothing in America. In Seoul, I was chosen to be the front person for the September issue of a high-end clothing company.
unique western actress and singer availabe!
Austria Female;女 21 None 170-174 cm 65-69 kg 530 Details
I am a young talented performing artist, actress and singer. I have been trained in Vienna with a 3 year college diploma for musical theater artist. I have experiences in performing on stage and voice over recordings. Also I am a trained dancer. My strength is being able to present authenticity ...
Experienced Model
New Zealand, United Kingdom Male;男 32 Beginner 180-184 cm 60-64 kg 527 Details
Photo Hi :-) I have been working in the Fashion Industry for over 12 years and have much experience in Fashion Photography, Styling and Modelling. I'm a super friendly guy who's easy to work with, always on time and has a flexible schedule. I have recently moved to Taiwan from New Zealand and sin ...
Experienced Actor
USA Male;男 24 Fluent 180-184 cm 80-84 kg 525 Details
Photo Hello! As a bilingual American, I wish to experience the beautiful culture of Taiwan and of my ancestors. In addition, I would also be very interested in an acting or modeling job. I have starred in an independent film when I was younger and am looking to get back into it. If interested, I can p ...
Cute baby boy for photo and video modelling
Philippines, Taiwan Male;男 4months None -49 cm -19 kg 523 Details
Photo This cute little boy is available for modelling in photo-shooting for catalogs or movie/commercial character!
Singer/General Modelling Part time Seeker
Philippines Female;女 27 Beginner 150-155 cm 50-54 kg 524 Details
Photo I studied Mass Communication and I have experience in modelling and performances on stage. I am a current English teacher/tutor who has a passion in singing. I specialize in English pop, ballad and R&B and Filipino songs too. I am looking for a gig around Taipei /New Taipei to showcase my talent ...
American Model Available Now
USA Male;男 23 None 175-179 cm 80-84 kg 522 Details
Photo Hello, My name is Brandon Guarascio, I am a 23 year old American just relocated to Taipei, Taiwan. I am interested in getting into the modeling industry. Through my schooling years, I was in photography club, and was in a few play type productions growing up where photo, acting etc. was nece ...
Model job
Russian Federation Female;女 18 Intermediate 160-164 cm 40-44 kg 517 Details
Hello! I have good and slim body. My appearance is interesting, because I'm 1/2 europian, 1/2 asian. Moreover, my skin is very white. Also, I have an ability to play the piano. For me, it's really a good experience to try myself in a modeling.
model job
Moldova, Romania Male;男 22 Beginner 180-184 cm 75-79 kg 516 Details
Photo i have athletic body and beautiful eyes everybody tell me that i have beautiful eyes and good look . i consider myself as an hardworker and flexible person . i really want to try in this aria , i have good voice too and can ply piano and acoordion (music school) very communicative and open mind ...
Experienced Actor in Taiwan
Ireland, Taiwan Male;男 36 Intermediate 170-174 cm 75-79 kg 506 Details
Hello I would like to share some of my Work I did in the past Acting in Taiwan in commercials... I have a Background in Martial arts and stuntwork having worked abroad too.I would like to know more people in the film industry. and possibly collaborate with People on projects... by the way I wa ...
Tall Taiwanese
Taiwan, USA Female;女 25 Fluent 175-179 cm 45-49 kg 513 Details
No experience but I want to see if I'm suited for this industry. A lot of people told me my height is perfect. Currently in Taiwan and is willing to try anything.
Experienced American Model
USA Male;男 24 Intermediate 180-184 cm 80-84 kg 512 Details
Photo I am originally from New York City and have been living in Rome, Italy. Just recently have moved to Taipei. Will consider a variety of work. Please email me for inquiries Would also appreciate any information about representation, I am currently unfamiliar with agencies here in Taiwan. C ...
Spanish model in taipei
Spain Male;男 28 Intermediate 170-174 cm 60-64 kg 510 Details
Photo Im Uxio, a friendly, energetic, patient and spontaneous guy from Spain, who lives in Taipei learning mandarin. I have a really modern and rocker look, with tattoos and piercing. Also, I have a master degree and music studies.
Netherlands Male;男 25 Beginner 190-194 cm 85-89 kg 508 Details
Photo Hi, I´m a tall 25 year old Dutch guy. I have dark blond hair with curls, blue eyes and an athletic build. I am a beginner in modeling and acting, but I´m a fast learner. My English is near native and I´m starting to learn Mandarin. I am spontaneous, and I approach every thing I do with a smil ...
Model available with experience in acting/modelling
France Male;男 32 Intermediate 175-179 cm 75-79 kg 507 Details
Photo My name is Ben, and I have extensive acting experience. Speak English, French German fluently, enough Chinese to get directions and speak a few lines. Very patient, get directions immediately and do not need breaks. My face, smile and body shape inspires trust and therefore plays best a docto ...

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