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CLC, Soochow University.
CLC, Soochow University.
皆可 Taipei City 台北市 成人 Details
Objective About Soochow University Missionaries of the Methodist church established Soochow University in 1900 in the city of Suzhou of China , making China's first western-style university. When re-established in Taiwan in 1951, it became the first private university inTaiwan. As be fitting its motto, " Unto A Full Grown Man ", Soochow University has also striven to emphasize quality teaching and determinded to do its absolute best to nurture mature graduates with creative and practical abilities.Look ahead, with integrated and innovative quality teaching uppermost in mind, Soochow Universuty establishes itself as a distinguisched and leading institution of higher education in Taiwan. About Chinese Language Center, Soochow University Founded in 2013, Chinese Language Center(CLC), Soochow University is a government-recongized center for teaching Chinese as a foreign language training program. "To transmit Konwledge of Chinese Culture And Cultivate Chinese Language Skills". CLC aims to provide professional programs for those who would like to explore Chinese language and Taiwanese culture. WHY CLC, Soochow University ● Cultural Axis of Taipei City The two campuses of Soochow University link the most outstanding cultural network of sightseeing and festive attractions in Taipei Cit . CLC creates a Chinese cultural study environment to promote Chinese language, culture and values. ● Diverse Teaching Apporaches Base on different students' preferences, Chinese program is designed in several sessions with different levels. All courses are conducted in Chinese to strengthen their language ability. ● Confucianism and Moral Education Students will not only learn Chieses skills in class , but also Chinese morality and core value.CLC passes down the Confucianism for our students to boost character education with practical actuon.
Chinese Language Center National Chengchi University
Chinese Language Center National Chengchi University
皆可 Taipei City 台北市 成人 Details
Photo Scholarship Taiwan/Huayu Enrichment Scholarship To encourage international students and individuals to undertake Mandarin study in Taiwan and to promote cultural exchange, the Ministry of Education Taiwan, R.O.C. has established several scholarship programs to accomplish these goals. For more information, please log onto the Ministry of Education Taiwan website: Ministry of Education Taiwan website, consult with your local Taipei Representative Office or Study in Taiwan. Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Regulation Ministry of Foreign Affairs Taiwan Scholarship Regulation CLC Scholarship To acknowledge students with positive learning attitude and excellent performance, CLC gives out scholarship to qualified students each term. Candidates must have studied at least one term at the CLC, NCCU before applying for the scholarship. Application Qualification: Applicant must be a student who has been enrolled at the CLC Regular Program(full-time) and will continue to study for a consecutive term. Applicant shall not receive scholarship stipend from any of the governmental organizations or universities in Taiwan. Applicant must achieve an average score of 80 or above each term. (Average of two-term scores for old students; one for new students) Applicant shall not miss more than 15 hours of class in total each term. (Both attendance records of the previous term and the current term will be reviewed for old students; current term for new student) CLC Scholarship Application Timetable National Chengchi University Regulations for Exchange Student Mandarin Class Tuition Waiver To promote substantial exchange relationship with partner universities of National Chengchi University so as to encourage exchange students of partner universities to study Mandarin at NCCU, Office of International Cooperation, NCCU has established OIC Mandarin Studies Scholarship. Applicants must be an exchange student from the university that has an exchange agreement with NCCU at university level or college level. For more information, please visit OIC website.
Chinese Language Education Center(CLEC) National Taipei University of Education(NTUE)
Chinese Language Education Center(CLEC) National Taipei University of Education(NTUE)
皆可 Taipei City 台北市 成人 Details
2016 Mandarin courses : Class Feature The Chinese and Literature classes of our center are on the quarterly system. Each class is about 5~12 students. The teaching materials mainly focus on the introduction of Taiwan and the Chinese culture with the help of other foreign students' customs and cultures. Our teaching goal is to integrate the four abilities: listening, speaking, reading, and writing; moreover, we also focus on humane and aesthetic features of the Chinese script. Humanities symbolize knowledge and humanism in Chinese culture, which is the key of Chinese cultural legacy. The aesthetic feature refers to the specific beauty such as script, phonology, figure, form, and image, which is the concrete embodiment of artistic beauty. The classes in our center concentrate on popular, useful and communicative functions to reinforce the demand of communication. Besides, through a situated-content dialogue, the common sentences and vocabularies can be learned. With the knowledge of Taiwanese and Chinese cultures, learners can efficiently learn the Chinese language. Other Expenses and Fees Student Group Accident Insurance Fee: NT$300 for Three months. If the student has already bought other insurance to cover this, then he/she can choose not to buy the insurance. The accident insurance policy provides coverage up to NT$100,000, but it is not medical insurance. Foreigners who get the ARC and stay in Taiwan for at least 6 months are eligible for and should be enrolled in the NHI Program. Please refer to the NHI website for a full description. Class Periods Class for each week: Monday ~ Friday Class Period: 9:00-12:00 or 13:30-16:30 Total hours of class each week: 3 hours per class. 5 classes per week. A total of 15 hours each week. Notes: Class schedules are arranged by our center. Class Levels Our program has three levels: elementary, intermediate, and advanced. Each level is then divided into several sub-levels. To complete the elementary level, students are required to complete 6 months of courses. To finish both the elementary and intermediate levels, students are required to complete at least one year of classes. Students will learn 1500 Chinese characters, 3000 word collocations and phrases, and more than 400 sentence patterns by the end of the intermediate classes. The advanced levels include several courses such as Chinese news study, business conversation, radio drama, Chinese culture and entry-level classical Chinese. To complete the whole set of courses, from elementary to advanced, a student needs to take classes for two years. Placement Evaluation and Class Selection After taking the placement test, students will be evaluated on their overall proficiency in Chinese and suitable classes will be suggested and arranged.
NCTU Programs for Chinese Language and Culture
NCTU Programs for Chinese Language and Culture
皆可 Hsinchu City 新竹市 成人 Details
Photo NCTU Programs for Chinese Language and Culture (Fall 2016) Course duration: From September 12, 2016 to January 13, 2017 Registration fee Registration fee: NT $200. It can be waived if you register before August 30, 2016. Procedures: 1. Download the application form on http://mandarin.nctu.edu.tw , print it out, and complete it. 2. Hand in all the documents and pay tuition at the Chinese Language Division , LTRC. Documents you will need 1. One photocopy of passport, valid visa and Alien Resident Certificate 2. A completed application form (with 1-inch bust of photo) Office: Chinese Language Division, Room 634, Floor 6 at Assembly Building I (near the South Entrance of NCTU) Contact: Ms. Peng Tel: 03-5712121#31231
National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center
National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center
皆可 Taipei City 台北市 成人 Details
Photo 2016-2017 Class Dates and Application Deadlines: Term : 2016 Spring Term Class Dates : Mar. 7, 2016 ~ May 27, 2016 Application Deadline Visa Required*: Jan. 15, 2016 Application Deadline No Need For Visa**: Feb. 15, 2016 Term : 2016 Summer Term Class Dates : 2016 Summer Term Application Deadline Visa Required*: Apr. 15, 2016 Application Deadline No Need For Visa**: May 16, 2016 Term : 2016 Summer Session Class Dates : Jul. 1, 2016~Aug. 23, 2016 Application Deadline Visa Required*: May 16, 2016 Application Deadline No Need For Visa**: Jun. 15, 2016 Term : 2016 Fall Term Class Dates : Sep. 5, 2016~Nov. 25, 2016 Application Deadline Visa Required*: Jul. 15, 2016 Application Deadline No Need For Visa**: Aug. 15, 2016 Term : 2016 Winter Term Class Dates : Dec. 1, 2016~Feb. 27, 2017 Application Deadline Visa Required*: Oct. 14, 2016 Application Deadline No Need For Visa**: Nov. 14, 2016 Term : 2017 Spring Term Class Dates : Mar.6, 2017~May 26, 2017 Application Deadline Visa Required*: Jan. 13, 2017 Application Deadline No Need For Visa**: Feb. 13, 2017 Term : 2017 Summer Term Class Dates : Jun.6, 2017~Aug. 23, 2017 Application Deadline Visa Required*: Apr. 14, 2017 Application Deadline No Need For Visa**: May 15, 2017 Term : 2017 Summer Session Class Dates : Jul. 3, 2017~Aug. 23, 2017 Application Deadline Visa Required*: May 15, 2017 Application Deadline No Need For Visa**: Jun. 15, 2017 *For applicants who require original documentation in order to apply for a visa, we recommend that application materials be sent and received by scheduled deadlines. Original admission letters are mailed via regular airmail and require sufficient time to reach applicants. **For applicants who are nationals of 90-day visa exempt entry countries or who have proof of legal residency in Taiwan. Admission letters will be emailed.
Language Center, NCU
Language Center, NCU
皆可 Taoyuan City 桃園市 成人 Details
Photo How to apply? Applicants applying from overseas: The materials sent by the applicant must be postmarked at least 6 weeks before the scheduled commencement of the course. Applicants applying from Taiwan: The materials sent by the applicant must be postmarked or submitted at least 2 weeks before the commencement of the course. Submit the required documents to Semi-intensive CSL Program of Language Center. The following documents are required: • Completed application form • Highest education certificate • Copy of applicant’s passport (bio-data page) • Transcript • Financial statement (at least NT$85,000 or US$2800 to cover 3-month studies in Taiwan): The statement should be issued within the last 3 months. The applicant who does not have any bank account should provide his/her guarantor’s financial statement and completed “Evidence of Financial Support”. • Photocopy of the completed application form for MOFA or MOE scholarship program (Only the applicants of MOFA or MOE scholarship program need to submit it.) ※All these documents must be in English or Chinese. The translation must be authorized.※ ※It takes 7 workdays to do the document inspection.※
NCUE National Changhua University of Education
Let's talk in Chinese!
Customized to Your Schedule Changhua County 彰化縣 成人與各年齡層在學生 Details
Photo NCUE which has Jin-De Campus and Bao-Shan Campus is located in Changhua City, central Taiwan. Chinese Division is in Jin-De Campus which is located on the outskirts of the city and is surrounded by Ba-Gua Mountain. Changhua Train station is approximately 7 minutes away from the campus by car. Jin-De Campus includes: the College of Education, College of Arts, College of Science, and College of Social Sciences and Physical Education, as well as the library, gymnasium, sports fields and a dormitory. 1. Classes conducted by certificated teachers 2. Free consulting from lecturers 3. Students placed in groups suited to their levels based on the placement test results 4. Class size is small 5. Culture trips around the Central Taiwan to experience the local life 6. A certificate awarded after completing the program and passing the evaluation tests 7. Programs adapted to the demands 8. Free Wi-Fi and multi-media facilities 9. Good atmosphere and safe environment to study Chinese
Conquer Language
Private and Small Group Classes for Learning Chinese
Customized to Your Schedule Hsinchu City 新竹市 成人與各年齡層在學生 Details
Hello, my name is Yolanda Yu and I am Chinese Teacher with experience in several universities in Taiwan and overseas. I have a Master Degree of Teaching Chinese from National Taiwan Normal University, NTNU. For foreigners living in Hsinchu area, I am offering one on one classes and small group classes. I am Chinese native speaker and fluent in English and Spanish, also can communicate in French.
Chinese Culture University Mandarin Learning Center
TOCFL Prep Crash Course-Last 2-week study plan, master it !
兼差 Taipei City 台北市 大學 Details
TOCFL Prep Crash Course-Last 2-week study plan, master it ! A. Weekday Class(Apr.21~May.2 , Mon~Fri) B. Evening class(Apr.21~May.2 , Mon/Wed/Fri) C. 2-Day Review(Thu~Fri) Registratio n Date:3/10~4/18 Students who register before 4/10, will get special discount. Best Match : 2014 TOCFL Level 3&4(Band B),Elementary3 ~ Pre-Intermediate 3 students Course Fee :$890NT~$3,200NT, More information please see the following website address: http://mlc.sce.pccu. edu.tw/default.asp?mainNum=1&s ubmenu Num=10&lang=en Bonus Gifts: 1.Students will receive a textbook that’s specially made for TOCFL, written by MLC teachers. 2. weekday class teachers will provide classroom for TOCFL students to study and ask questions. 3.2-Day Review Class students will have 2 free dinner bentos!
private Mandarin language center
Learning Chinese with Experienced Teachers
皆可 Taipei City 台北市 成人與各年齡層在學生 Details
1) Teachers' Background: a) Has professional teaching experience in a Mandarin language center in the national university b) Has a Master’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language c) Has 2 years or more of Mandarin teaching experience 2) Course Content: a) Ordinary courses are designed to equip the students with the 4 primary language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, to improve their daily life in Chinese-Speaking areas. b) Courses can also be tailored to meet specific needs. 3) Course Time: Our courses are designed to gear to the needs of working people and students, who cannot participate in the full time regular programs. 4) Course Size: a) 1-on-1 & 1-on-2 tutoring b) Small group courses (3 to 7students) 5) Levels:Courses at all levels from total beginners to advanced 6) Address: 台北市文山區保儀路11號3樓(木柵市場 , 第一銀行樓上) 3F., No.11, Baoyi Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City (near NCCU)

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