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Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Looking for LE partner (Mandarin/English)
23 12/02/17 Details
Photo Hi, I am Ivy from Taipei, Taiwan. I would like to find a native English speaker to do language exchange with. I love helping people improve their Mandarin and hopefully I can polish my English listening and speaking more in the meantime. If you're interested, please feel free to drop me a message. Thank you!
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Looking for French LE
12/01/17 Details
JE Suis Claire, a beginner for learning French. Native speaker for Manderin and fluent in English. Want to find who can have language exchange for Chinese and French during lunch time near MRT Songjiang Nanjing Station. Merci
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
language exchange
12/01/17 Details
Hi, im alma, i live in the kaohsiung, i would like to learning conversation of english via 1 to 1 so that i am looking who speak fluent english, i can interflow use chinese culture and life to conversation , if you have interested and agree, please send email to me , "[email protected]" i am happy to hearing from you soon
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Looking for LE partners
23 11/30/17 Details
Hi everyone, my name is Coco. I'm a college student living in Taichung and I'm looking for someone interested in Mandarin willing to do language exchanging with me. I'm a kind person enthusiastic at learning English. I always practice my English skills by watching English drama series, listening English music, and reading English newspaper, so I'm good at English listening and reading. However, I'm not that good at English speaking and writing and that's the main reason why I'm eager to find a native English speaker to help me improve my skills. In return, I'll help you improve your Mandarin. If you're interested, I hope we can start with mailing just like pen pals and most importantly feel free to contact me!
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Looking for Native English speaker Exchange with Mandarin
25 11/27/17 Details
Photo Hi~I am Shandi. I am looking for English native speakers who wants to learn Mandarin in Taichung City. I am super passionate about traveling and learning different kind of languages(English/Japanese/Kor ean). I've traveled to 18 countries and want to keep up my English level. I'm experienced in helping foreigners with Mandarin because I got forigners roommates when I studied aboard. I plan to meet up once or twice a week for practicing, Line me if you're interested Line: Shandi613
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Want to learn some Chinese/mandarin
30 11/27/17 Details
Photo Hi I'm from California. I would love to learn some Chinese and share my knowledge of English. I travel a lot and love meeting people and sharing my experiences. I also speak Spanish and Hindi if you want to learn any of that. I'm looking forward to meeting someone in Taipei. We can meet somewhere eat food or ice-cream and exchange our language :)
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Oral Practicing
21 11/26/17 Details
Hi there, I'm a local college student looking for someone could speak English w/me . For exchange, I could teach u Mandarin even Taiwanese or take u somewhere for fun in Taichung Send me Email : [email protected]
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
11/26/17 Details
Hi, there. I live in Tainan. I've experienced a long journey of life, but still want to keep improving my English every day. If you really want to improve your Chinese, I'm a very qualified L.E. partner with experience. Thanks.
Language Exchange;語言交換
Language Exchange
Language Exchange
38 11/25/17 Details
I've been learning Chinese for a while, but I need to practice a little more. If you're interested, please send me an email and tell me a little bit about yourself. I'm 38, married, and I like hiking, reading, movies, and cooking.
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Language Exchange Weekday Afternoons
11/25/17 Details
Photo Hi! I’ve been living in Taiwan for a couple of years and have learned some Chinese but never had the time until now to schedule regular 1 x 1 language exchange. I’m American and have been teaching English to adults in Taiwan since 2008. I live by Nanjing Fuxing MRT. I’d like to meet with a couple of different people throughout the week, preferably weekday afternoons (Monday -Friday) . We can try 45 minutes in English and 45 minutes in Chinese to start. I’m not looking to use this as a way to find a date so I would prefer to have a male language exchange partner. Sorry ladies.

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