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Good 02/26/10 Reading, Writing
Mandarin Chinese Tutor needed
Kaohsiung City 高雄市 1 Adult 49 Details
Hi, I am an American living and working in Kaohsiung City. I am looking for a responsible and outgoing Mandarin Chinese tutor who can help me with reading, writing, expanding my vocabulary and pronunciation. Minimum: College graduate, intermediate English, 2 or more years of previous tutoring experience. I'd like to have 2 sessions per week, 2 hours per session --to start. Preferably during the evenings or weekends. I have studied Mandarin off and on since 2000, but would I like to have more private instruction. My goal is to be able to read and comprehend magazines and newspapers. My listening and speaking is good, however I need assistance with reading, writing and expanding my vocabulary. If you are seriously interested in tutoring someone like me then let's talk. We can discuss further.
Good 02/26/10 Listening, Speaking
Taichung tutor wanted
Taichung City 台中市 1 Adult 48 Details
我以前是中文學生 typing takes too long. I want to study one morning a week for probably 1 1/2 hours. I speak better than i listen. i need practice with listening. the teacher must make notes about my chinese and correct it after i speak. tones and grammar are my main areas to be worked on. some vocab too but this isn't too important. 90% of class must be in chinese. my reading is quite good and my writing is okay too but this will not be convered in class. i use bopomofo and pin ying
Beginner 02/25/10 Reading, Writing
Tutor needed
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 45 Details
Happy new year! I'm looking for a chinese tutor 2 or 3 times a week.
Beginner 02/18/10 Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Chinese lessons wanted
Hsinchu City 新竹市 1 Adult 42 Details
Hello! I began learning Chinese a couple years ago while studying in China. I have recently moved to Hsinchu and would like to continue learning Chinese. Learning Chinese is one of my main reasons for coming to Taiwan, so I am very serious about and committed to this. Please contact me if you are able to help me out.
Beginner 02/16/10 Reading, Listening, Speaking
San Chung Tutor Wanted
New Taipei City 新北市 1-2 Adult 41 Details
I am teaching English with Hess in San Chung, and I'm really looking for a convenient way to learn Chinese, since I work so much, and it's hard to get into the city. I am a quick learner, and I enjoy learning in all its forms. So with that, I'm not really looking for a professor, just someone who wants to teach an open mind and who lives close to San Chung.
Beginner 02/12/10 Listening, Speaking
Looking for tutor
Taipei City 台北市 1 University 40 Details
Hello, I´m a spanish guy living in Taipei since last november. After working for some years in my country, i decided to move to Taiwan in order to learn mandarin. Right now, I'm having mandarin lessons at NTNU. I want to learn about daily speaking. Also I would like to learn about business vocabulary, because in the near future i would like to make some trading with Europe. So i need to be able to make business with taiwanese people. If you think you can help me, i will be very glad. Also if you are intersted I can help you in anthing you need, related with European business.
None 02/09/10 Listening, Speaking
New to Taiwan-want to speak Mandarin
Kaohsiung City 高雄市 1 Adult 39 Details
Hello, I'm a young American new to Kaohsiung, looking to pick up some Mandarin while I'm here. I work at two different cram school, so my schedule can be a little difficult. I live in Nanzih, so distance might be an issue as well.
Intermediate 02/05/10 Reading, Writing, Speaking
Looking for a Professional
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 37 Details
I'm currently a grad student in an English language program, so I need to put in more effort outside class to improve my Mandarin. I need help in all aspects, and I'm also interested in studying for the Taiwan 華語測驗 at some point. I studied at the 政大華語中心 for 9 months last year. I'm looking for someone who is a professional teacher, either by training or experience. I live near the Xinyi and Anhe intersection and would want to meet somewhere close by. I'm nice and easygoing but serious about improving my Mandarin!
Intermediate 02/02/10 Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Looking for tutor or LE
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 36 Details
I'm looking for a 1 on 1 tutor or LE. I can speak and understand fairly well, but cannot read or write. I want to find someone near Zhongshan district or Daan district.
Beginner 01/28/10 Listening, Speaking
Looking for a learning partner
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 33 Details
Hi, I'm Dan. I am looking to find another Chinese learner who is interested in pairing up for part time private classes. I don't have time to study full time and don't really want to do 1 on 1 but I can't find any part time group classes. Is there any one else out there in the same boat? I am looking to do one or two classes per week, in the morning/early afternoon.
Beginner 01/25/10 Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Learn chinese and Taiwan culture!!
Taipei City 台北市 1 Senior High School 32 Details
Hi:) I'm Camilla from Norway. I'm moving to Taipei in August for studying Chinese mandarin, and want to get to know some taiwanese people who can teach me some chinese and talk to me about taiwan! I also want to make taiwanese friends^^,
Beginner 01/21/10 Listening, Speaking
Conversational Mandarin Chinese
Taipei City 台北市 1 University 30 Details
I want to improve my Mandarin, specially focus on conversation. I have materials to use, but, you can bring yours as well. I am able to pay NT 100/hour because I am not working right now, I am just an student. My Mandarin is still basic, so I think it will not be complicated for native speakers. I prefer a male tutor because I want to have an appropriate accent, but female tutors are also welcome. Very flexible schedule, I am able to spent some hours a day if that is necessary, weekdays and weekends, and I can give a try to inexperience tutors :)
Beginner 01/18/10 Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Language Exchange or Chinese Tutor
Taoyuan County 桃園縣 1 Adult 29 Details
I am teaching English in Nan Kan and want to learn Chinese more seriously. I would like to do a language exchange, but prefer someone with teaching or tutoring experience. I am willing to meet in Nan Kan, Taoyuan, or Taipei. I have one text book. It's good for learning vocabulary, but not for practicing conversation.
Intermediate 01/14/10 Listening, Speaking
Experienced Male Chinese Tutor/teacher mornings near shida!
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 28 Details
您好我是一個美國尋找一個普通話導師 /教師 1對 1面對面。我已經講中級漢語,但是我的語法和發音需要幫助。我想 著重講與人交談,但你必須知道羅馬拼音。上課100% 說中文的! 我有書,我想的做法。我想,以滿足 8:30至上午10時 3至4次週。我們將滿足近金山南路跟愛國東路口(附近的加油站) 我喜歡男教師。 我願意支付高達每小時 $ 400NT根據經驗和效率。我想開始 ASAP項目如果您有售! 感謝我期待著迎接你! Hi I am an American looking for a mandarin Tutor/Teacher for 1 on 1 face to face. I can already speak intermediate chinese, but my grammar and pronunciation needs help. I wish to focus on speaking and conversation although you must know Roman Pinyin. Classes 100% in Chinese please! I do have books that I would like to practice. I would like to meet from 8:30 to 10:00am 3 to 4 times a week. We would meet near 金山南路跟愛國東路口 (附近的加油站) I do prefer a male teacher. I am willing to pay up to $400NT depending on experience and effeciency. I would like to start ASAP if you are availalbe! Thanks I am looking forward to meeting you!
Beginner 01/11/10 Reading, Listening, Speaking
Looking for a Mandarin Tutor in Jhongli. No experience required
Taoyuan County 桃園縣 1 Adult 27 Details
Hi, My name is Chris Ludwig and I am looking for someone to help me learn Mandarin. I'm just a beginner so the lessons wouldn't be hard. I also would like to learn the Mandarin alphabet (not pinyin). I would like to meet 5x's a week, in the mornings for 1.5-2 hours a day. The time is a bit flexible. I could start as early as 7 a.m. and finish as late as Noon. The pay is NT $200 per hour. I will provide the textbooks and I want to focus mainly on speaking, particularly daily conversation. Any level of education is fine. I think this would be an ideal job for a college student to make some easy money. Give me a call if you are interested!

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