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Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Chinese (Mandarin) -German (Deutsch)
28 09/02/16 Details
Hello! My name is Wei-Fan, a 28 year-old male Mandarin Chinese Native Speaker who lives in Tamsui, New Taipei City. I seek German (Deutsch) Native Speakers for Chinese-German Language Exchange to improve my German (at intermediate Level), and also hope we can be friends. In return, I can teach you and help you to practice Chinese (Mandarin). Please send me an E-Mail if you are interested: b303095126@tmu.edu.tw
Language Exchange;語言交換
Let's meet up
08/31/16 Details
Photo Hello everyone, I'm Charley from Sanxia (new Taipei city) and I'm a native Chinese Mandarin speaker that I can give you any help for learning Mandarin as best as I can, as instead that I'd like to find someone who can practice English with me, as the title says, I'd like to meet up, not online chatting, so we can discuss which place is good to meet every week. My English level is intermediate. My hobbies are traveling/movies/sports, if you're interested, please contact me with no hesitating, you can add my LINE first.See ya. Email: chuchu0915@hotmail.com Line: chuchuman
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Chinese-German/English LE, Friends
08/30/16 Details
Photo Hey, my name is Ryan, live in Taipei, I was in Cologne as exchange student for a year and I really like Germany and Europe :) I want to make foreign friends, we can hang out together, do something together, or chat on internet and make friends if we are far :) I can teach you Chinese and show you around in Taipei. we can discuss what to do. Just came back from Germany last month, I'm flexible, so if you have time, just let me know, send me email and I will answer asap. Hope to hear from you soon!
Language Exchange;語言交換
Language Exchange
Language Exchange
30 08/27/16 Details
Photo Hi, I am Alice張瑋. I am planning to work or study abroad, seeking for language exchange partners in English. I can teach you Chinese. I want to improve mainly my listening, writing. Need someone to correct my grammar or show me your culture. We can use email or meet up. I was a reporter and currently work for a international startup. Travel, fashion and dessert lover. Love various cultures, enjoy history storied and be passionate about business and startups.
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Language Exchange English/Chinese
27 08/24/16 Details
Photo Hello, here's Martin from Tainan. I'm looking for native English language exchange partner, we can share our culture, normal life or any interesting things around us to each other, and of course, I'll teach you Chinese. I like exercise, body building, traveling, movies, music...etc. If interested to me, mail me:teen0925@gmail.com Hope we will have a good time.
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Language Exchange English/Chinese
30 08/23/16 Details
Hi! My name is Luyi. I am looking for a language exchange partner who speaks in English. In return, I can teach you Chinese or share my experience with photography/photoshop skills/illustration(not professional thought). I love travel around and talk to people from different culture, it's fun! If you happenedly work/live nearby MRT Xihu station, I'd love to meet you during Mon.-Fri.12:10~13:20 PM or after 6PM.If you are interested, please contact me by sending me an mail(luyi.wu@yahoo.com.tw). Thank you!
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
language exchange
40 08/23/16 Details
Hi, I am Marco from Taipei. I am looking for an English speaking language exchange partner. I am well-educated and willing to help you to improve your mandarin. Send me an email if you're interested: alexdens2001@yahoo.com.tw
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Looking for English-speaking language exchange partner
27 06/21/16 Details
Hi! I am HSUAN, a native speaker of mandarin. I grew up in Taipei and have been in Taipei since forever. I am planning to study abroad in the near future and to explore the world a bit :). Therefore, I am looking for someone who can practice English with me, and in return I can help you with mandarin. I am nice and patient! Please contact me at hsuan4350806@gmail.com if you're interested.
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
LE/Friend in Hsinchu
05/14/16 Details
Hello everyone, Looking for language exchange partners (Spanish/English)! I like backpacking and hiking, if you're also a couch-surfer, we can also exchange profile links and share these interesting experiences. fb/email: sosovip@gmail.com Thanks for reading!
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Mandarin exchange English or make friends
27 04/16/16 Details
Photo Hi I am Jay. I live in Taichung city. and i m looking for language exchange friends. i want to practice English and make some new friends too. :) I can help with your Mandirin in return. You can email me or add me on Line if you are interested. j6aun6@gmail.com Line ID:49650156

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