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# Headline Nationality Gender Age Mandarin Ability Height Weight No. Web Site In Favorites Details
Professional Actress
Canada Female 29 Beginner 165-169 cm 55-59 kg 75 Details
I am a professional actress from Canada. I am new to Taipei but I have spent the last 2 and a half years working throughout Asia. I'm really excited to start working here. If you would like to see more photos and/or resume please contact me.
誠懇的我 Me it's Me
France Male 25 Beginner 170-174 cm 55-59 kg 53 Details
Photo 雖然我的外表不是最帥的,但我有誠懇的心,我相信有這樣的態度才 是最重要的!如果您有合適的工作機會,請和我聯絡! No thing perfomance, i not think i am the most beautiful man, but i have trust heart and nice eyes looking so for me, my feeling, ...
Available for Extras Work
Australia Male 35 Beginner 185-189 cm 85-89 kg 68 Details
Australian Yoga Instructor living in Taipei looking for part-time work doing something different.
來自英國 Made in UK
United Kingdom Male 36 Beginner 175-179 cm 70-74 kg 65 Details
Photo 我從小就對表演及模特兒形式的工作感興趣,我也曾在我的家鄉做過 幾年表演工作,我對我的外表很有信心,我也對我的孩子感到驕傲。 我也曾在我的家鄉做過幾年表演工作,我對我的外表很有信心,我也 對我的孩子感到 ...
請和我聯絡! Contact me
Canada Male 27 Good 175-179 cm 60-64 kg 56 Details
Photo 我是個友善、隨和且有自信的加拿大人,我曾參與商品目錄與藝術攝 影工作,擔任模特兒。 我目前在台北念書,中文的聽說與寫 不是 與商品目錄與藝術攝影工作,擔任模特兒。 我目前在台北念 書,中文的聽說與寫不 ...
尋找合適的模特兒工作機會 Looking for work
USA Female 23 Intermediate 165-169 cm 55-59 kg 54 Details
Photo 我23歲,美國人。有模特兒的經驗,我對這方面相當有興趣,所以 希望能有機會多多接觸。 I'm a 23 year old American female. I have done very little modelling, but I am interested in doing more.
USA Male 27 Fluent 180-184 cm 75-79 kg 43 Details
Photo 我沒有實際的模特兒經驗,但我有健壯的身材,請和我聯絡吧! I've never really modeled, but I think I have a hot body. Wanna give your boy a shout?
比利時模特兒 Belgian model
Belgium Female 24 Intermediate 180-184 cm 60-64 kg 58 Details
Photo 我有一些模特兒的經驗,我的個性很隨和而且學習速度快。 I have only a little bit of experience in modeling but I m easy-going and I learn fast!
美籍模特兒 Black American Model
USA Male;男 30 Fluent 185-189 cm 85-89 kg 45 Details
我在模特兒、舞蹈、廣告、電視、電影等等的工作經驗,這些都是過 去四年在台灣所獲得的經驗,如果您有我合適的工作,請和我聯繫! 工作經驗,這些都是過去四年在台灣所獲得的經驗,如果您有我合適 的工作,請和我 ...
21 year old from California available for voiceovers, modelling
USA Male 21 Beginner 180-184 cm 65-69 kg 64 Details
I've lived in Taiwan three years and have done about seven major commercials for Skechers, Mitsibishi, Doritos, others. I have done voiceover work as well and have a very deep, male voice.
Model Actor avalible
Canada Male 26 Beginner 175-179 cm 80-84 kg 63 Details
I am a 26 year old canadian avalible for modeling and acting in Taiwan. I have been in Taiwan for 5 years and done odd acting and modeling jobs since I came to Taiwan. I live in the Taipei, Danshui area. I drive daily and am availible on short notice.
Peru Male 30 Intermediate 175-179 cm 75-79 kg 61 Details
Photo .
African-American Model
Female 20 Good 170-174 cm 60-64 kg 52 Details
Hello, my name is Bernadette. I am 20 years old. I take directions well and also work well with others. I am available for any kind of modeling and/or commercials.
Is this the language exchange page?
Australia Male 26 Beginner 180-184 cm 80-84 kg 49 Details
Good looking sporty aussie guy looking to do some modelling. Worked previously as presenter, hand model and stand up comedian.
Singapore Male 24 Native Speaker 180-184 cm 70-74 kg 47 Details
Hi I have previous experience doing print ads and photo shoots for photographers. I have also starred in a lead role in a commercial for the Singapore Film Festival which was directed by Royston Tan.
Experienced Actor
USA Male old Beginner 170-174 cm 75-79 kg 46 Details
Photo I am Geo having appeared in a major motion picture numerous TV commercials including an award winning Sampo. In addition, print and voice work.
France Female 30 Fluent 165-169 cm 40-44 kg 42 Details
Hi, I'm a professional French teacher in Taipei. I have done several French commercial recording for mobiles, jeans, bras, textbooks, etc. plus a TV commmercial for UNI pencil. Please e-mail me if interested.
Will pose if you pay me
USA Male 25 Beginner 170-174 cm 70-74 kg 40 Details
Photo Open
United Kingdom, USA Male 29 Beginner 180-184 cm 65-69 kg 36 Details
Photo I've been involved in creative arts since I was 14, appearing in amateur dramatic productions and short films. I've featured three times on the American Magazine Center's cable TV show "A+English" and featured heavily in City Jungle's bowling alley campaign. Independantly, I've been cast as the ...
Just me ABC
USA Female 28 Fluent 150-155 cm 60-64 kg 15 Details
Photo I had some lessons in singing. I dance for 14years. I play the piano for 10 years.
British, 189cm
United Kingdom Male 19 Intermediate 185-189 cm 80-84 kg 39 Details
Photo I´m a confident and out going person. I am very adaptable to any situation. I am looking to do modeling work within Taipei city. I am from England and I have a well spoken English accent. I´m very mature and I have a professional attitude. Please contact me at: [email protected] 我是一 ...
Dancer Model Actor
South Africa Male 27 Beginner 180-184 cm 70-74 kg 38 Details
Photo I have danced and been a dance teacher in America, England and South Africa. I have 4 years experience as a gymnast, 2 years experience as a model. I have done commercials and music videos in South Africa and Taiwan.
Honesty, Reliability, Punctuality
United Kingdom, USA Male 29 Beginner 180-184 cm 65-69 kg 37 Details
Photo * A Plus English -recurring performer on Taiwanese cable TV show for young learners. American accent. * Independant Horror Films -demanding stunt work, emotional range etc. * Jungle World -Campaign model for bowling alley. I am reliable and have a professional, no nonsense attitude to ...
A multi talented performer
Hong Kong, USA Male 24 Fluent 180-184 cm 70-74 kg 35 Details
Photo I've released an music album here 4 years ago. I was well known back in the days with my hit song "Baby come to me". I've also done drama, tv commericials, magazines, and sitcoms. I am currently working at a story house where I tell stories to kids. I also do magic so there isn't anything I CAN' ...
Toned MuscularMale Model
USA Male 35 Fluent 185-189 cm 75-79 kg 34 Details
Have done Tv comercials and print ads, speak fluent Mandarin. Easy to get along with and to work with . Reliable. Extremely fit. Muscular
all purpose model and presenter
Australia Male 22 Beginner 175-179 cm 75-79 kg 30 Details
i am a confident and natural person who has been described as 'handsome' on the public bus by taiwanese guys and their girlfriends on several occasions :) if you concur, or have any work for me, please feel free to contact.
Dear Sir or Madam,
Russia Female 20 Intermediate 170-174 cm 50-54 kg 23 Details
I would like to apply for model or actress position. I had experience in doing TV commercials and theatre plays. Im also an experienced dancer.
有經驗的演員, 模特兒和表演者 Experienced Actor/Model/Performer
Italy, USA Male 29 Intermediate 185-189 cm 80-84 kg 13 Details
Photo 嘿! 大家好! 我在義大利、美國和台灣共有10年以上模特兒、演員及表演者的經 驗(特別是戲劇、跳舞等相關工作),我曾是專業的運動員,所以有 很棒 there. I have 10+years of experience modeling, acting and performing (mostly theater-and dan ...
外型帥氣的男生 Handsome
USA Male 23 Intermediate 180-184 cm 80-84 kg 5 Details
Photo 有人形容我是個有想像力的、熱情的、有目標的人,之前曾代表高中 生參與Hallmark Institute的拍攝。對於任何的工作機會,我都秉持著全力 以赴,發揮自己最大能力的精神去做。 Creative, passionate, and goal oriented is what others hav ...
成熟穩重 Mature
Canada Male 58 None 175-179 cm 75-79 kg 6 Details
Photo 我的工作經驗:錄製有聲語言教材及商業促銷錄影帶、教學書籍的攝 影、兩三次業餘的戲劇演出。 I have had experience doing voice tapes for language course materials, corporate promotional video, photos for classroom language texts and have acted in two or ...

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