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# Headline Nationality Gender Age Mandarin Ability Height Weight No. Web Site In Favorites Details
Adorable and cute
Australia Female 2 Beginner 75-99 cm -19 kg 125 Details
Hello I am a 2 year old mixed Taiwanese-Caucasian who is fun and adorable. I have always been told that I look like a doll. If you are looking for a super cute model please contact my mommy.
I'm a real cutie!
USA Female 3 Beginner 75-99 cm -19 kg 124 Details
3 yr old mixed Taiwanese-Caucasian who loves people, smiling and having her photo taken. Everywhere I go in Taiwan people notice me. Is it my hair, good looks, cute smile, or laughter? I'm not sure but I love people here!
New Zealand, United Kingdom Male 25 Beginner 185-189 cm 90-94 kg 120 Details
Experienced street dancer focusing on 'popping'. Have appeared in multiple music videos and performances. You can view my promotional videos on www.youtube.com/anticks
Actor/Model from Los Angeles
Taiwan, USA Male 23 Fluent 175-179 cm 70-74 kg 105 Details
Photo 美国武术代表队,2007年 UC Berkeley 毕业,Los Angeles 排戏一 年就来台湾,正在演一个舞台剧叫宝岛一村,欢迎大家来看我的表演 ngeles 排戏一年就来台湾,正在演一个舞台剧叫宝岛 ...
need a backup dancer and or Choreographer?
USA Male 25 Fluent 175-179 cm 75-79 kg 119 Details
Photo I'm a professional dancer from New York City, I have been in Taipei for about 2 years and is currently a dance teacher teaching grade school to high school kids as well as models and entertainers. If you are interested in taking lessons or need a choreographer or a dancer, I'm more than ready to ...
Best Model in Town = Me
Macau, Portugal Male 37 Beginner 175-179 cm 70-74 kg 111 Details
Photo read my biography, you will find out ;)
LA Actor and Martial Artist
Taiwan, USA Male 25 Fluent 170-174 cm 65-69 kg 109 Details
Photo I am currently still in Los Angeles, Ca but would be open to moving out to Taiwan for a role or opportunity. I have hosted for MTV. I have acted and done stunt/martial arts on CBS station's CSI:New York along with many other short films.
Seeking beautiful gorgeous mixed race baby model?
Taiwan, United Kingdom Female 8 months old None 50-74 cm -19 kg 110 Details
Photo Hi, I'm half British, half Taiwanese aboriginal mixed race baby girl. I was born in 2008 April 26th, I'm almost 8 months old now. I am a very happy baby who doesn't scar of camera and actully love the camera, I always smile at them. I haven't done any modeling yet, but once I go back to Taiwan i ...
Experienced Actor and Model on the scene
Canada Male 27 Intermediate 175-179 cm 75-79 kg 106 Details
Photo Im a 27 year old male, born in Vancouver, Canada. Im mixed african american and caucasian. Im very athletic and play ALL sports very well. I am also a professional fighter. I have done extensive background and stunt work in Vancouver Canada and have worked on these major motion films: I Robot, B ...
Performer Available
Canada Female 28 Beginner 170-174 cm 50-54 kg 104 Details
Photo Freelance actress and singer currently living in Taipei. Contact me for further details.
Canadian Yoga Teacher, Actress and aspiring film director
Canada Female 31 Beginner 165-169 cm 50-54 kg 108 Details
Photo I have modeled since I was 15 yrs old. In the last 7 years while doing my Art History and Film Studies degree I have been working in film and television in Victoria and Vancouver. I have done prints ads, television, and worked on the production side also. I have been emcee at film festivals and ...
Model Available
USA Male 40+ Beginner 170-174 cm 65-69 kg 107 Details
I am an experienced musician. Live performances. I have had experience acting as extra in movie; Model for poster. I have had experience doing voice tapes for language course materials, photos for classroom language texts and also editing and video production.
Canada Male 27 Intermediate 190-194 cm 90-94 kg 100 Details
over 9 years of performing. fun, outgoing, confident and very charismatic.
Singer wants to join group or band
USA Female 19 Beginner 50-74 cm 50-54 kg 103 Details
Photo I MISS SINGING! need a group or band! back up, musicals, chorus, big band! Excellent at harmonizing!also any photo, tv/film work, or voice dubbing...will model..I am a univ. student studying Chinese. Willing to sing in Chinese. Sang some Spanish, Italian, Russian, German and Latin. I have bee ...
British Model
United Kingdom Male 22 None 160-164 cm 60-64 kg 99 Details
Young British model with drama qualification and experience of photoshoots and performing arts.
Ready to work
Canada, Greece Male 24 Beginner 180-184 cm 70-74 kg 98 Details
Photo I am young, outgoing and interested in trying new things. I haven't professionally modeled since I was a child but have experience in fashion shows and promotional modeling. I am a quick learner and easy to get along with.
Netherlands Male 24 Fluent 190-194 cm 75-79 kg 90 Details
Photo 我會自彈自唱, 與身俱來的表演天份, 從小就參與許多表演和戲劇演出, 且都擔任主角的部份。 現在大部分時間在淡江大學唸書,所以想應徵一份兼職工作。 另外,我還不確定自己的身高體重,之後會去測量,不過我是個身 ...
Canada Male 29 Good 180-184 cm 60-64 kg 94 Details
Photo Multi-talented entertainer living and studying in Taipei, open to accepting work. I have performed around the world as a circus performer, model, and actor. I have experience in television commercials, theatre, corporate entertainment, and many other venues.
8年舞蹈經驗 dancer, model
Philippines, Spain Female 21 Intermediate 165-169 cm 50-54 kg 60 Details
Photo 我跳舞已經有很長一段時間了,將近8年的走秀和時尚秀場,也有一 些主持的經驗。 以前曾在自己家鄉組團跳過嘻哈和爵士舞, 大部分 時尚秀場,也有一些主持的經驗。 以前曾在自己家鄉組團跳 過嘻哈和爵士舞,大部 ...
hi its sindy, m a outgoing n lively gl
Taiwan Female 20 Native Speaker 165-169 cm 50-54 kg 92 Details
Photo im student in taiwan now, then im a nice n outgoing girl, i think i can do my job as well, i have good body , i like sports, i wanna be a model in taiwan, just contact me or mail me u will know im good partner
Dependable model available
Canada, Czech Republic, Norway Female 27 None 170-174 cm 55-59 kg 88 Details
Photo I am a tall, attractive model wanting to find good representation in Taiwan. I have had experience doing various photo shoots, promoting events etc. in Canada. I am a very creative and versatile person and am excited to put my many talents to work for you:).
Looking for modeling work
Belgium, Thailand Female 21 Good 165-169 cm 50-54 kg 89 Details
Hello, My name is Katreeya. I have two nationalities: Thai and Belgian nationality. I have never done any modeling before, but I am very eager to do it since I am very interested in modeling work. I can speak Dutch (my mothertongue), French, English, Chinese, and also a little bit German ...
USA Female 24 Fluent 165-169 cm 50-54 kg 85 Details
My name is Anna. I go to school in Taiwan. i have been modelling for 2 years in Taiwan and in China! I am interested in any modelling offer.
Eager to work
Canada, Greece Male 23 Beginner 180-184 cm 65-69 kg 69 Details
Photo I am young, outgoing and interested in trying new things. I haven't professionally modeled since I was a child but have experience in fashion shows and promotional modeling. I am a quick learner and easy to get along with.
looking for job(any job)
Turkey Male 26 Good 190-194 cm 75-79 kg 83 Details
Photo this is my first time i newer been this job befor. i live in taiwan and i have no job. actually i can do any job. just looking for job. i like somthng different bc too boring everyday do the same thng. hope i can get a job.
A different face
USA Female 27 Beginner 160-164 cm 45-49 kg 77 Details
I'm looking to take small parts in commercials, store catalogues (e.g. bridal stores) and promotion flyers (for foreign language cram schools). Back in college, I promoted school sweaters and t-shirts in a college store catalogue (2002) and I have been a part of school plays as an "extra"and par ...
Tall Slim Model
Hong Kong, Taiwan Male 19 Intermediate 185-189 cm 65-69 kg 81 Details
I have never had any experience, so this will be my first. I've always thought modeling is a artistic beauty, and I'm very artistic, not jsut in modeling but in dancing and singing and musical instrument song writting etc. Also even acting expressions as well! If you have an open mind about thin ...
Professional Actress
Canada Female 29 Beginner 165-169 cm 55-59 kg 75 Details
I am a professional actress from Canada. I am new to Taipei but I have spent the last 2 and a half years working throughout Asia. I'm really excited to start working here. If you would like to see more photos and/or resume please contact me.
會講中文的白人Chinese speaking American
USA Male 22 Fluent 180-184 cm 80-84 kg 82 Details
Photo 我是美國人,有模特兒、演員的經驗。我會說中文,發音很標準,但 有中國大陸口音。 I am an American with some experience in modeling and acting, both stage and film. I can speak Mandarin, although I have a Mainland accent.
Need A Model?
China, Norway, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA Female 18 Fluent 175-179 cm 55-59 kg 48 Details
Photo 啊囉哈!我是Cait,歐亞混血兒,在夏威夷出生。我有模特兒及 歌唱表演的經驗,我很風趣幽默,也很好相處,希望可以從事模特兒 或歌 I'm Cait. I'm a European Asian mix, born in Hawaii. I am available for modeling or performance in singing and ...

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