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# 個人優勢標題 國籍 性別 最高學歷 最高學歷主修 可翻譯語言 刊登者編號 刊登日 In Favorites Details
Chinese to English
美國 Male;男 大學 其它類主修 中文 370 10/22/17 Details
Photo I'm an American, but I've spent the majority of my working life in Asia. I spend time learning the background knowledge before I translate.
English/Chinese Translation
台灣,美國 Female;女 大學 行銷學 英文,中文,台語 367 08/23/17 Details
I lived in NY for 10 years and just moved back to Taiwan last year. I used to work in an immigration office in NY. Translating documents, letters and applications were part of my daily job.
English-Mandarin Interpreter for Business and Travel
台灣 Female;女 二年制專科 行銷學 英文 365 03/17/17 Details
Hello my name is Erica and I'm a native Mandarin speaker fluent in English. I've taught ELS class in Canada for adults and tutored Chinese students of all ages; I'm available for translation\interpretation works for your business trips, trade shows, travel and paperworks.
Translate Mandarin to English
台灣 Female;女 大學 商學 中文,台語 363 02/16/17 Details
I'm 39 years old female, live in Taipei Taiwan, was travel in Canada for one year, native Mandarin speaker, like to do a day tour or day translate, I charge reasonable price.
English/Mandarin Translation
美國 Male;男 大學 經濟學 英文 362 02/15/17 Details
I am an ABC whose mother tongue is English. I have lived overseas for most of my life. I first began working as an English teacher while I was still studying my undergraduate degree. During my work, my supervisors would frequently assign me translation work. Over time I got good at translating a ...
English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian Translator
美國 Female;女 碩士 商學 英文,中文,法文,義大利文,西班牙文 360 11/30/16 Details
Photo I am from California, fluent in English (US), Spanish (Spain), and Mandarin. I can read & write French & Italian. I have professional translation & interpretation experience, including as a live interpreter for the Sino-US Business Association Awards Ceremony in Shanghai (2012) in front of a tel ...
伊朗 Male;男 碩士 工業工程 英文,中文 361 12/06/16 Details
Reliable and honest translator in Iran.I stay in Taiwan more than 20 years.Currently I'm in Iran and translating in Tehran International Exhibition and other places as my part-time job for Taiwanese and Chinese companies.I have been teaching English for 15 years.I have resident visa in Taiwan.I ...
Chinese-English Translator
紐西蘭 Male;男 碩士 新聞學 英文 358 11/10/16 Details
Photo I have worked as a full-time translator for two years and part-time for almost a decade. I attended university in Taiwan—where all coursework was in Chinese—and have a master's degree in journalism; which means I can translate skillfully on a wide range of topics.
Chinese -English translator
台灣,美國 Female;女 碩士 商學碩士 英文,中文 357 10/22/16 Details
I've recently moved to Taiwan from U.S. I've over 10+yrs of design background. I have masters degrees in Design and MBA. I've no previous professional translation experience but I'm confident with my language skills, having lived abroad for 26yrs and married to a foreigner. With my past experien ...
Experienced Medical/Legal interpreter
台灣,美國 Female;女 大學 行銷學 英文,中文,台語 356 08/03/16 Details
Recently achievement : Attending BIEN (Basic Income Earth Network) representing Taiwan to create and deliver representation successfully, the result of Taiwan become an affiliate of BIEN .
English/Chinese Interpreter
馬來西亞,台灣 Male;男 商學碩士 商學 英文,中文,粵語,馬來文 354 07/04/16 Details
Photo I have over 16 years’ of working experiences in Hotels industry, Foods & Beverages industry, and different fields related to Customer Service possesses excellent: •People management and training skills to provide excellent services and also to ensure a positive customers’ experience an ...
Enthusiastic, Good communication skills
台灣,美國 Female;女 碩士 電機工程 英文,中文 352 06/28/16 Details
I obtained my Master of Science in Electrical Engineering in 2007. I have helped my relatives to translate Chinese/English in the past and I always enjoy helping people. I am very organized, persistent, and very detail oriented. Thank you for your consideration!
Chinese-English Translator
台灣 Female;女 大學 英文 英文,台語 351 06/05/16 Details
I have translated a food review app, some videos, and art articles from Chinese to English. Currently, I'm a part-time translator.
English/Chinese Translation or Proof Read
新加坡 Female;女 三年制專科 商學 英文,中文 350 05/18/16 Details
I'm Eve from Singapore, native languages are English & Mandarin. Able to translate English-Mandarin (Simplified/Traditional), vice versa. Holding experiences in Real Estate, Hotel, Banking and F&B Industry. Translated projects: Website, Articles, Menus, Film Script. Also a Private English-Mand ...
Japanese>English Translator
美國 Male;男 大學 生物學 日文 349 05/09/16 Details
Photo My name is Eric and I am a Japanese>English translator with 5 years of experience. I will be in Taipei in June, but we can work together anytime via email. I am excited to work with you!
Editing/writing professional and or academic papers
美國 Female;女 碩士 心理學 其他外語 347 04/13/16 Details
I am not a Mandarin speaker, but seek to improve and/or polish work in English that needs editing, or corrections in English grammar. I have been a writer at Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City, and worked for the United Nations in N.Y.C. as well as in Geneva, Switzerland. I have written a boo ...
中英翻譯 Chinese-English translator
英國 Male;男 大學 亞洲研究 英文,中文,法文,西班牙文 346 03/28/16 Details
Photo Since my bachelors degree from the University of Oxford in Chinese Studies, I have worked in professional companies translating business, financial and technical content from Chinese (簡體和繁體) into English, in the UK, China and Taiwan. The fact that English is my mother tongue ensures th ...
Translator and Editor (Chinese-English)
美國 Female;女 大學 中文/華語 中文 345 03/27/16 Details
Photo I am a Native English speaker from the USA with a BA in Chinese. Currently I am a freelance translator seeking translation and editing opportunities. I can help you with anything, from editing college applications to translating highly-specialized academic articles. My rates are flexible depend ...
英國 Male;男 大學 教育學 中文 343 01/15/16 Details
I am a certified Canadian teacher and am fluent in Mandarin Chinese. I am available to translate both from E-C and C-E. I would also be interested in Interpretation work in the fields of international trade, manufacturing, education.
Translator, interpreter and proofreader (EN/FR/SP/ZH)
愛爾蘭共和國 Male;男 碩士 其它類主修 中文,法文,西班牙文 342 01/05/16 Details
I'm a highly motivated translator, interpreter and proofreader. I have a MA in Translation from Salamanca University in Spain where I gained experience in a variety of translation disciplines (literary, legal, teachnical, audiovisual, localization). I work well independently or as part of a team ...
Translator available
挪威 Male;男 博士 生物學 Norwegian,英文 341 01/04/16 Details
Photo Hi I am fluent in English and Chinese. I can translate from English to Chinese or vice versa. Feel free to contact me !
Experienced translator for German, English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese
德國 Male;男 大學 商學 英文,中文,台語,日文,韓文,德文 340 12/13/15 Details
Photo Dear Sir or Madame, I collected a lot of experiences in translation work for IT and engineering industries. If you are looking for a freelance translator for outsourcing, I'm the right person to address.
Document translation Chinese, English, Indonesian
台灣 Female;女 大學 商學 英文,中文,印尼文 338 12/04/15 Details
Translator with experience in translating documents and other materials from Chinese, Indonesian, English and vice versa; deep track record of reading materials and rewriting them in those three languages. If you need translation services, please email.
Arabic Chinese English translation
約旦 Male;男 大學 商學 英文,中文,阿拉伯文 329 08/27/15 Details
I am fluent in Mandarin/Chinese, Arabic, and English, and I have a Bachelor Degree in Business From Taiwan. I have spent the last 7 years of my life working in Taiwan as a business consultant, translator, and cultural liaison for foreign companies. Prior to that, I spent Five years getting my B ...
西班牙 Female;女 大學 其它類主修 加里西亞文,英文,中文,法文,西班牙文 332 10/12/15 Details
I'm a translator and interpreter, fluent in Spanish, English, French and Chinese. I'm from Spain and I have studied Translation and Interpreting (English, French and Spanish). I've studied and worked abroad in the United Kingdom and France. Besides, I've been learning Mandarin for the past 4 yea ...
Chinese to English, English to Chinese
英國,美國 Female;女 大學 亞洲研究 英文,中文 331 09/06/15 Details
A recent graduate of Oxford University with a Bachelor's degree in Chinese Studies, I am well-equipped to translate a range of materials including literary works, newspaper, reports, academic papers, research proposals, etc.
Sound Like a Native Speaker
美國 Male;男 商學碩士 商學 英文,台語 330 09/02/15 Details
Photo 15 Years Business Management Experience 10 Years Trainer/Business Coach/Business English University Insructor MBA, MA in ICT, MA from Harvard Asian Studies We will work together to translate what you have done already to make the style sound like a native speaker and not like a Google trans ...
Teaching German or Mandarin Chinese
奧地利 Female;女 碩士 行銷學 英文,中文,德文 328 08/12/15 Details
Photo Born in Taiwan and grown up in Austria I studied German and philosophy in Vienna and attained a master degree in marketing at Baruch College (City University of New York). I have over 10 years experience as interpreter in Chinese-German translation. Since 2006 I work as full time intermediary fo ...
English-Spanish /Spanish-English Translations Available
哥倫比亞,宏都拉斯 Male;男 商學碩士 企管 英文,西班牙文 325 07/13/15 Details
Extense expertise with English-Spanish /Spanish-English translations. Translated a wide array of documents including Official Toyota dealership contracts, project application packages, various thesis projects, business plans, international award applications, websites, among others. If you are ...
Marketing, Travel, Journal Articles Translation
台灣 Female;女 碩士 國際關係 英文,中文 323 06/23/15 Details
I used to translate international affairs articles while studying graduate school. I also translated press release or marketing reports for my former clients. Besides, I'm the interpreter for foreign authors at my current company. I'm easy going, friendly, and enjoy having challenges in my lif ...

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