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Cambridge grad
04/24/17 英國 台北市 兼職 下午、晚上 Details
Hi, I'm Tony from London, England. Born and raised in England and a native English speaker. White male. Now based in Taipei 古亭. I graduated from Cambridge University. I am available as a stand-by teacher, at short notice. I can teach all ages/levels. Required pay: NT$1000/hour. I can also speak Chinese. Contact: broadgate2@hotmail.co.uk
Experienced Native English Teacher
04/24/17 英國 台北市 全職 Details
Hello, I`m from London, England and I'm currently living in Taipei, Taiwan. I'm a TEFL certified teacher and have over 10 years teaching experience with ages 3-15 and tutoring experience with children to adult age. I`m looking for either part time or full time teaching hours in or around the Neihu area. I also hold an APRC and an open work permit. Please feel free to message me for any more information!
Canadian ESL Teacher Seeking a Position in Taiwan
04/23/17 加拿大 加拿大 全兼職皆可 Details
Hello! My name is Jacob. I am a TESL/TEFL Certified English Language Teacher with one year of professional experience. I am seeking a new teaching position to broaden my horizons, experience new cultures, and improve myself as a teacher. My goal is to begin teaching English at a school in Taiwan. I would prefer to teach in Taipei or Taichung, but I am flexible. I am coming to Taiwan with my partner of four years, who is also an ESL teacher. We are both looking for teaching positions and would like to work in the same city or district, but we do not need to work at the same school. I look forward to hearing from you!
Canadian English Teacher Looking for Teaching Position in Taiwan
04/23/17 加拿大 加拿大 全兼職皆可 部分上午、下午、晚上 Details
Hello! My name is Paulina Olejnik. I am looking for an English teaching position in Taipei. I have a Bachelor's Degree of Education and a TESOL English Teaching certificate. I am very energetic, enthusiastic, and hard-working. I have more experience teaching young learners, but I am very adaptable and can teach to any age. I am coming to Taiwan with my partner of four years, who is also an ESL teacher. We are both looking for teaching positions and would like to work in the same city or district, but we do not need to work at the same school. For a more in depth resume please email me at paulina.olejnik.esl@gmail.com
Experienced English and Biochemistry Teacher
04/22/17 菲律賓 Taichung City 台中市 兼職 部分上午、下午、晚上 Details
I am a Licensed Chemist, and currently working on my PhD in Taiwan. I have been an online English tutor for more than 7 years now. My passion for good conversations and extensive training in handling students with a wide-range of English skills kept me teaching. More importantly, I am always willing to teach students who are very much willing to learn how to use the English language. I am a patient teacher, kind-hearted soul and most importantly, a trustworthy friend. I am excited to talk with you soon!
Native English Speaker Available in August
04/21/17 美國 台北市 兼職 部分上午、下午、晚上 Details
My name is Tiffany Ho and I am looking for a part time English teaching position starting in the month of August. I am an American currently living in Taiwan and I do not require an ARC. I grew up in America, am a native English speaker and graduated from University of California Irvine with a B.A. in English. I have a broad range of English teaching experience: preschoolers as a TA at 雙連幼兒園, high schoolers in America for SAT and graduate school students at 台灣大學 for TOEFL. I worked at a Taiwanese cram school for a period of time, teaching middle schoolers and high schoolers, before switching to my current English school. At my current school I teach students from kindergarten (age 3-6), elementary school and middle school. I am a teacher that likes to be creative and have fun with my students while teaching. I hope to find a school with a positive environment that I can work at for a long period of time. Thank you for your time and please feel free to contact me.
Canadian APRC Only 500nt /hour
04/19/17 加拿大 台北市 兼職 上午、下午 Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan Hi, I'm from Canada and I’ve taught in Taiwan for over 16 years. I'm also a Resident of Taiwan holding my APRC Permanent Residency Card. Free now Monday-Friday mornings (and early Tuesday afternoons). Very experienced with 16 years of teaching here having taught all ages and levels including many company groups and Taiwan Government classes (Chungwa Post Co. Ltd. / Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau / China Trust Bank). Including: 5 years Julia American School / 4 years More English / 6 years American Eagle Institute (+1 year Thailand). For Tutoring, all locations considered (preferably close to an MRT) but nearer my home or school just 500nt/hour for 90 or 120 minute classes. HOME: Ximen MRT / SCHOOL: Da-An Park MRT-Dongmen MRT Looking for private 1-on-1 students (much cheaper bringing a friend), schools, companies or groups to fill any hours. Please write me for my resume / pictures / references etc. for your consideration. Thank you for your time.
Experienced English Teacher
04/18/17 美國 新竹縣 全職 Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan I am an experienced English teacher living in Taiwan. I have 6 years of experience teaching, primarily, elementary students in Taiwan. I do not require an ARC.
English Teacher Available
04/17/17 美國 台北市 全兼職皆可 Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan To whom it may concern, My name is Michael Wyatt, I am an experienced, native-speaking English teacher from the United States with a bachelor's degree and TESOL certificate. I am currently finishing a year teaching intermediate and advanced-intermediate grammar courses, pronunciation classes, and a number to topical vocabulary classes with Gjun Language Institute here in Taipei. In addition to my full-time position with Gjun Language Institute. I also work part time at Ike School in Taipei city with 2nd and 4th grade students. This falls in line with years of experience as an assistant teacher in the United States public school system and a substitute teacher, both in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. I am a dedicated and organized teacher who is experienced and passionate about teaching all ages, from young children to adults. My adult students enjoy my attention to detail but, also my sense of humor and ability to make the learning environment welcoming and relaxed. Similarly, my younger students love my ability to explain clearly, speak slowly, and throw in some goofy fun to lighten the class mood. Education is my career path and I would love make your school apart of it. I have attached my CV and a current photo of myself to this email. Sincerely, Mike
04/13/17 加拿大 Tainan City 台南市 全兼職皆可 Details
Senior English Teacher with 11-5 years of teaching experience to children, adults as well as companies. TESOL Certified, Guaranteed Results on TOEFL, GEPT and TOEIC Testing. Relocating to Tainan, Taiwan around May 18th/2017. Resume posted online.Line ID is Aj2800. Please add me!
Experienced teacher looking for work
04/13/17 台灣 台北市 全職 Details
I have over ten years experience teaching in Taiwan. My recent experience is primarily at bilingual schools. I have a JFRC through my wife so I don't need an ARC. I also have a CELTA certification. I'm looking for work beginning at the end of summer in Taipei or New Taipei City.
Native English Teacher Available
04/12/17 美國 台北市 全兼職皆可 Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan Hello! I'm Amanda from the US. I'm currently looking for work in Taipei or New Taipei City. Right now, I'm staying near Yongchun MRT station, but I'm willing to travel for work. I have four years teaching experience in Taiwan and Korea. I'm looking for part time work or full time work teaching elementary, high school, or adult students. This position must also provide an ARC. Feel free to contact me for a resume or any further questions!
Licensed Teacher in Hualien
04/11/17 美國 花蓮縣 兼職 部分上午、下午、晚上 Details
Hello. I have been a full time teacher in elementary thru high school for 6 years in Taiwan. I am comfortable being an English tutor for just about any category of learning (speaking, writing, reading, etc.). I am comfortable with students third grade and higher and am licensed from California State University system. Thank you.
Need a great substitute or relief teacher?
04/10/17 南非 南非 兼職 部分上午、下午、晚上 Details
Hi! My name is Renier. I am available to teach anywhere in Taiwan for a period of 1-2 months. I am comfortable teaching all ages.
04/08/17 肯亞 肯亞 全職 Details
Full-time english teacher ready to begin immediately. very qualified and professional

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