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# Mandarin Ability Posted Skills to Cover Headline Location Number of Students Age Level No. In Favorites Details
None 12/08/17 Reading, Listening, Speaking
Beginner wants to learn chinese
Taipei City 台北市 1 University 3130 Details
Hello, I would like to learn chinese in Taipei. I am complete beginner, I speak french and english. I can teach french if needed to exchange, but I want a serious chinese tutor cause I want and I need to learn it.
Intermediate 12/07/17 Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Experienced Teacher Wanted
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 3129 Details
I am looking for a teacher that enjoys testing, listening, and pushing their student to excel. I would like to collaborate with you to creating a custom lesson plan. I would like to meet up once or twice a week for about an hour.
Intermediate 12/07/17 Listening, Speaking
Starting Tuesday Dec 12th
Kaohsiung City 高雄市 1 Adult 3128 Details
Hi, I will be spending time in Koahsiung from Tuesday to Sunday (12 -17th of December). I am looking for a conversational partner for the evenings and for all day Saturday.
Beginner 12/04/17 Listening, Speaking
Mandarin Tutor wanted
New Taipei City 新北市 2 Adult 3123 Details
Looking for a conversation-based mandarin tutoring class for my boyfriend and I. Very relaxed, no lesson preparations necessary (we have a textbook and would just like to practice speaking). We both have a good foundation of the basics (tones, pinyin, necessary verbs/grammar concepts) but would like to get to an intermediate level. We are both young professionals and so our budget is 500NT an hour, and it would be for 2 hours back to back (one lesson with him, one lesson with myself as we are both at slightly different levels). We are available evenings and weekends, and would prefer to meet at our place, just outside Yongan MRT station. Contact me if interested!
Good 12/04/17 Listening, Speaking
Looking for Taiwanese (Minnan) Tutor
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 3125 Details
Hi All! I'm looking for a native speaker of Taiwanese. I'm looking to learn Taiwanese.
Beginner 12/04/17 Reading, Listening, Speaking
Chinese Tutor Wanted
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 3124 Details
Hello there, Been studying Chinese for around two years now and would like to improve my speaking/listening/reading skills to obtain a good score on my TOCFL tests. Would like to improve these skills in a more fun way than just reading off a textbook (helps me to remember and use it better). If you're interested, please contact me. People with prior experience teaching Chinese preferred.
Intermediate 11/30/17 Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Chinese certified tutor
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 3121 Details
I would like to be able to converse in the shortest possible time.
None 11/30/17 Listening, Speaking
chinese in taichung
Taichung City 台中市 1 Adult 3120 Details
Hello I am in Taichung Wuri near the train station. I am looking for a Mandarin tutor. I do not have previous experience so I am at the very basic level. Thank you
Good 11/27/17 Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Tutor wanted for lunch sessions or weeknights
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 3118 Details
Photo I'm looking for a tutor that can teach upper-intermediate or advanced conversation and public speaking, as I need to improve these for my current job. The topics would be mostly focused on law and I would prefer to hold classes at my company's office.
Intermediate 11/27/17 Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Chinese Teacher Wanted
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 3117 Details
I'm learning to speak, read, and write Chinese. I've been learning for a while, but need some more help.
Beginner 11/22/17 Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Mandarin Tutor Wanted
Taipei City 台北市 N/A Adult 3115 Details
I recently moved to Taiwan and currently a full time Mandarin student in Taipei. I am having difficulty learning Mandarin even though I study for 3 or more hours after the class. I don't know if it is because of my age or not? I would like to find a experienced Mandarin tutor who can help my Mandarin. I speak English and Japanese fluently. If you are interested in helping my Mandarin, please drop me a line. Thank you very much.
Intermediate 11/21/17 Listening, Speaking
Mandarin Tutor Needed
Kaohsiung City 高雄市 Adult 3107 Details
I am currently a full-time Mandarin student at Wenzao University and need about 3-5 hours extra each week studying privately. Going through my books and having random conversations, mostly focusing on speaking and listening, with minimal reading and writing on the side. In person preferred, online possible.
Beginner 11/21/17 Reading, Listening, Speaking
Chinese tutor wanted
Taoyuan City 桃園市 1 Adult 3113 Details
Currently working in NCU (hence I can't in the morning or afternoon) and want to improve my Mandarin skills, especially listening, speaking although I also wish to learn to read.
Fluent 11/21/17 Reading, Listening, Speaking
Evening Chinese tutor wanted
Taichung City 台中市 1 Adult 3108 Details
Hey! I need a tutor for evening and weekends, I have plenty of textbooks and other reading material to use to help me learn
Intermediate 11/21/17 Reading, Writing
Teacher wanted
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 3114 Details
Hi, I require a bubbly and enthusiastic mandarin teacher to help me progress. I am able to speak mandarin very well, but I have next to no writing/reading ability! I wish to have 1.5 hours of tutoring a week, perhaps more. I work at NTU so could have tutoring there, or in the Guandu area. Thanks!

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