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Taipei City 台北市

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Taipei City 台北市

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Chia Yi Tower -Pagoda Roof Coffee 嘉義射日塔塔頂咖啡館
Enjoy a cup of coffee at the Horizon
Restaurants 餐廳 Chia Yi City 嘉義市 11F, 46 Gon Yuan Street, Chia Yi City 嘉義市公園街46號11樓 Details
Who said there's no place with a view in Chia Yi? We are located on the TOP FLOOR of the Chia Yi Tower (射日塔). The tower is 62 meters high and its design inspiration coming from the A-Li Mountain Divine Tree. Here, you can grab both the day and the night view of Chia Yi. In order to create the romantic atmosphere, we cooperate with the local broadcasting station (FM 93.3) to accept the guests' requests for songs or mood messages on Wednesday nights from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Minimum cost is NT$ 60. Average cost of drinks is NT$ 50 and up; cocktail is NT$100 and up; combo meal is NT$ 120 and up (spaghetti, Chia Yi chicken rice and etc served.) We also offer sandwiches and subs which cost around NT$90 -100. No Service charges. Credit cards accepted.
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