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Taipei City 台北市

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Taipei City 台北市

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301 三國一
A pleasing place for meal gathering in Hualien city
Hualien City No. 536-1, He Ping Road, Hualien City Details
In year 2000, “Sakokuighi Leisure Tea House” was famous with only three main courses: ramen, Japanese food and foam red tea. The restaurant located at No. 536-1, Ho Ping Road, Hualien City. More cuisines were offered in year 2001, with combination of Chinese, western and Japanese foods. Banquet, cafe to business set menu, group feast, wedding arrangement and associate functions; it expanded as a high class conference center. It is also a good place where friends can enjoy Karaoke. Therefore, it was rename as “Sankokuighi Leisure Restaurant”. With elegant facade, exquisite garden-like interior and warm hearted services, Sankokuighi provides people a pleasing place for meal gathering in Hualien city. In year 2002, Hualien County government held “Moonfish Festivity” in cooperation with Sankokuighi, this Festivity is for promoting a rare and special fish, Mola mola.
Red Bull
Wings for Life World Run
Sporting Events 體育活動 Beipu Village., Xincheng Township, Hualien Beipu Village., Xincheng Township, Hualien County 971, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Details
he Red Bull Group is the main host of the Wings For Life World Run and is responsible for all costs involved. Therefore all administration is also handled by the Red Bull Group, its agencies and distributors. 100% of all proceeds generated from the Wings for Life World Run, including your Entry Fee, will be donated by the Red Bull Group to the Wings for Life Foundation for spinal cord research.
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