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Taipei City 台北市

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Taipei City 台北市

Nature doesn’t need people, people need nature.......

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District Street In Favorites Details
Flower Moon 花月釀茶
Pu Li's local country cuisine
Pu Li Township No. 20-2, Li Yu 2nd Lane, Pu Li Township, Nantou County Details
Located at a scenic resort, Li Yu Lake just right nearby. Pu Li's local country cuisine, ingredents are naturally offering. It also offer tea, truly Chinese country dishes and tea, bring you wonderful memory when you visit it.
Mona Lisa 蒙娜麗莎
Relax here just like at home
Pub Cao Tun Township No. 831, Hu Shan Road, Cao Tun Township, Nantou County Details
Sport pub, 2 big screens, watching ball games. 1 pool table, play it with your best partners. Hold parties frequently, at lest 1 party every month and various styles. Food are combined western and Asia cuisine, serve friendly and family style, you can relax here just like at home, people usually order without menu, just ask: Get me surprise!
MonaLisa Pub
November BABY!
Pub Nantou County 831 Hu Shan Road Details
We've got live music, the best chicken pitas in Taiwan, tons o' drinks and a fabulous team that will keep ya comin' back for more Mona atmosphere! We're one of Taiwan's best kept secrets...but not for long! Drop by and say 'HULLO' to Julie (owner of Mona Lisa), stay for a drink and get to know us! Where we're at, is the place to be -Be at the Mona Lisa Pub!
Pu Li Restaurant 金都餐廳
Find the art of Chinese food here
Pu Li Township No. 236, Xin Yi Road, Pu Li Township, Nantou County Details
The chef cooks for state banquets frequently, using local and traditional Chinese ingredients. The dishes are not only delicious but delicate, you can find the art of Chinese food here. For local ingredients, there are natural country food, specially made by various Central Taiwan ingredients.
Pets 寵物 eqweqw taipei Details
wqeqwe rwerwe
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