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Taipei City 台北市

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Taipei City 台北市

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# Business Name
Headline 廣告標題 Business Type
District Street In Favorites Details
135 Supermarket
Come to Yiland Come to 135 to buy the cheapest Beer and Wine
Yilan No. 369, 3rd Section, Zhong-Shan Road Details
135 Supermarket has all beer, wine and Cigeratte that you want and you will always be suprised by the cheapest price in Yilan, just come to 135 supermarket to have a look when you come to Yiland. It's just next to the Luo-Dong night markent and every boss of booth in the night market knows our supermarket. If you don't know how to get here, just pick up one booth to ask.. We are always here waiting for you!
135 Supermarket
The Cheapest Beer & Wine & Cigarette in Yilan
Shopping 消費購物 Yilan Zhong-Shan Road next to the Luo-Dong Night Market Details
All kinds of Beers, Wines, Cigarette and Soft drinks!
135 Supermarket(Especially for Wine & Beer & Cigeratte)
The Cheapest Price for Beer , Wine & Cigeratte
Luo-Dong MAilbox No. 215, Luo-Dong, Yilan Details
We are the biggest distributor of all kinds of wine, beer and cigeratte in Yilan so we can get better price than other~ If you have a chance to come to Yilan, please be sure to visit our shop!
A Wan Smoked Food 阿萬之家
Tasty Smoked Foods!
Snack bar Only 只有小吃店 羅東鎮 110, Gongyuan Rd. Details
A Wan Smoked Food, a famous hand-made smoked duck shop has been in business for half a century. The store insists on using complex smoking techniques to preserve the traditional flavor. A Wan's smoked duck is chewy but without the rubbery texture and retains a bit of sweetness from sugarcane. A Wan's smoked duck is a famous souvenir of Yilan.
Almond Pudding 杏腐小棧
Blissful Pudding
Snack bar Only 只有小吃店 Luodong Township 185-4, Minquan Rd., Luodong Township, Yilan County 265, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Details
Almond Pudding insists that all of its products are hand-made. Its almond pudding is made with carefully selected almonds and contains no preservatives. The store's sweet almond pudding was recognized by ROC's Fine Food Gold Award in 2009 and one cannot miss this blissful treat when visiting Yilan.
Changchun Eatery 長春小吃店
Tasty Eatery!
Snack bar Only 只有小吃店 Luodong Township 2, Ln. 26, Changchun Rd., Luodong Township, Yilan County 265, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Details
Changchun Eatery has gone through three generations of owners as it grows with the Yilan residents. Operating from as early as 4am till dinner time, it sells traditional tasting cuisines such as rice noodle soup, congee, braised minced pork covered rice and other popular indigenous dishes. Dining here will not only give you a full stomach, but also a taste of local hospitality.
Chuangdong Beef Noodles 川東牛肉麵
Mellow Beef Noodles
Snack bar Only 只有小吃店 Luodong Township 101, Gongyuan Rd. Details
Chuangdong Beef Noodles' soup stock is appealing to the general public because it is made from braised beef bones and fermented bean curd, without adding a drop of soy sauce. Chuangdong offers all kinds of popular braised dishes which account for the majority of the store's profit. Chuangdong has several branches in Yilan, Luodong and Taipei. It also received 4.5 stars from Business Weekly's top 100 beef noodles and was awarded the Outstanding Luodong Cuisine Award.
Deep-Fried Fish Paste Skewer 阿公仔龍鳳腿/春捲
Yummy Fish Paste Skewer
Snack bar Only 只有小吃店 Luodong Township The corner of Minsheng Rd. and Xingdong Rd. Details
Deep-fried Fish Paste Skewer, also known as "Longfeng (dragon and phoenix) legs, " are made from cabbage, fish paste, flour and covered with pig intestine casings. When the "legs" are fried, the skin has a unique pattern that is said to mimic the scales of dragon and the feather of phoenix. With the specially-made dressing, it has a heavenly taste that's crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The spring rolls are made from a piece of thin wrapper and filled with leeks, bean sprouts and special seasonings. The egg rolls are fried for a crispy and delicious crunch.
Fanglin Rice Wrap 芳林潤餅捲
Tasty Rice Wrap in Yilan
Snack bar Only 只有小吃店 Luodong Township Stall No. 1096, Zhongshan Park Night Market, Luodong Township, Yilan County 265, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Details
The shop emphasizes made-to-order and strict quality control of its ingredients. Its signature dish, Angelica Mutton Wrap, is favourably received by the customers. The owner always wears disposable gloves while making rice wraps. Their attention to details can also be seen in the tidiness of the store.
Happy Convenient Store
Happy Convenient Store
Shopping 消費購物 Yilan Yilan Details
Huabo Assorted Sushi 樺伯創意壽司
Delicate Sushi Bar
Snack bar Only 只有小吃店 Luodong Township Stall No. 1113, Luodong Night Market Details
This sushi shop sells reasonably priced sushi creations. In addition to all sorts of sushi, items such as hand rolls, Japanese steamed egg custard and miso soup are also very popular. The owner creatively blended the concepts of ice cream cone and hand roll to make it more convenient for the customers to enjoy hand rolls, which made it another famous specialty of the shop.
good quality roasted coffee beans
Yilan County No. 55, Saidong Rd., Details
We sell many kinds roasted coffee beans from the world. we have our own roast factory. Good roast, special coffee.
Lih Tyan Coffee 麗田鄉村咖啡
Lih Tyan Coffee
Coffee Shop & Restaurant Yuanshan Township No.152, Shangshen Rd., Shengou Village, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County Details
Have a one or two day holiday? Head for I-Lan!. Have a one or two day holiday? Head for I-Lan! Lih Tyan -a cafe with red-bricks appearance, a wooden courtyard, a pond, flowers and green trees. We have been run for 3 years and were the first coffee shop in the countryside. The owner was a baker, so all our bread and snacks are hand-made. We also have delicate combo meals such as French Pizza, Garlic meal, Steaks, Spaghetti and Rice... The average cost of each combo meal: NT$160-250. (Including soup, cold drinks and desert) The average cost of each cocktail: NT$150-200. Heineken: NT$100. Lowest cost is NT$80 /per person. Credit Cards not accepted. NO Service Charge.
Memory Garden Villa 靜園度假別墅
Fantastic Garden Villa in Yilan
Bed & Breakfast 民宿 Luodong Township 1 F, 300, Hebin Rd., Luodong Township, Yilan County 265, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Details
In 1999, the owner took care of some foreign performers who presented at the Yilan International Children’s Folklore Festival. A few days later, those foreign visitors left their blessing and went back to their country. Memory Garden’s door has been opened since then and waiting for the next guests to come. There has been more stories in Memory Garden Villa since June 2005 when the owner and the architect designed more theme rooms. You can choose a stylish room from Japanese Zen style villa, Bali style Palace, and enchanting Rome style room. When you feel like it, sit down and tell us about your story.
Minsheng Tea Shop 民生茶莊
AUTENTIC Taiwanese Tea
Shopping 消費購物 Su'ao Township 230, Zhongyuan Rd., Su'ao Township, Yilan County 270, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Details
A wholesale and retail distributor of Taiwanese tea located in the Su'ao Cold Spring, this decade-old shop has won numerous awards in tea competitions, including top prize in the Lanyang Tea Competition, and in 2003 was honored as the Su'ao Township model agricultural enterprise. Mingsheng Tea Shop is committed to the highest principles of honesty and integrity, and will continue its mission of providing tea lovers around the world with the finest authentic Taiwanese teas.
Old Wind City Private Lodging 古風城民宿
CONVENIENT Lodging Near Dongshan Water Park
Bed & Breakfast 民宿 Wujie Township 210, Sec. 1, Qinhe Rd., Wujie Township, Yilan County 268, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Details
Old Wind City Private Lodging is a newly renovated and instantly recognizable brick building located near the red Dongshan River Bridge. Dongshan Water Park is only 200 meters away. By providing safe, comfortable and convenient lodging in an idyllic natural setting by the Dongshan River, Old Wind City Private Lodging is the perfect place for an unforgettable family vacation.
Pearl Bed & Breakfast 情定珍珠
Romantic B&B in Yilan
Bed & Breakfast 民宿 Dongshan Township 16, Aly. 37, Ln. 383, Sec. 1, Funong Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Details
Located on the banks of the Dongshan River and adjacent to the Jenju Village Community Expo Hall, Pearl Bed & Breakfast features intimate romantic lodgings, peaceful surroundings, and friendly service. Relax and enjoy yourself as your hostess, also a talented singer songwriter, plays touching melodies on her guitar, and her husband dispenses free ‘spiritual counseling’ and teaches you how to relieve stress the Yilan way!
Purple House w./Hostel 紫屋森林
Farmhouse /Coffee /Delicous Food
Dong Shan Town No.82, Lane 161, Shin Liao 2nd Rd., Jung Shang Village, Dong Shan Town, Yilan county Details
I-LAN, BEAUTIFUL VIEW AND FRESH AIR... Hi, we are San-Fu Garden Farmhouse located in Dong Shan Town, I-Lan. Spacious relaxing environment occupying 14 hectares, established in 1989. We insist using non-chemical to maintain the ecology's status. We provide multiple service including dining, living and playing for matching with the government to promote the recreational agriculture. Therefore, comes Purple House.So...come here for a night and experience the mountains and mountain brooks in I-Lan! * FOOD -Purple House 1. Salad Bar NT$200/person. 2. Cod, Mutton chop, Pork Steak...+salad bar NT$300-430. 3. Drinks NT$120-180. * Credit Cards: not accepted. ** ACCOMMODATIONS -San-Fu Farmhouse 1. Two to a room NT$2240 (Sat.), NT$1960 (Weekdays). 2. Four to a room around NT$2600-3100. 3. Six to a room around NT$3300-3900. 4. Recommendation: NT$2000 for two day one night, breakfast+lunch/dinner included. * Other activities: Ren-Shan (a mountain) hiking
R. Den Dessert Factory 亞典菓子工場
Lovely Dessert with Delicious Taste!
Shopping 消費購物 Yilan City 122, Meizhou 2nd Rd., Yilan City, Yilan County 260, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Details
With happiness as the core and sweetness surrounded: that is how we make an R. Den cake. The R. Den Dessert Factory is one of Taiwan's leading makers of Castella cakes. In addition to traditional honey castella cakes, R. Den has also developed mouthwatering red bean castella cakes and kumquat castella cakes that will definitely arose your desire. The R. Den factory is now welcoming tourists to come experience the magic of traditional cake making. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Rose Land B&B 玫瑰國度民宿
Enjoy the Beauty fo ROSES
Bed & Breakfast 民宿 Wujie Township 3, Aly. 3, Ln. 103, Sec. 2, Qinhe Rd., Wujie Township, Yilan County 268, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Details
Take a step into the Rose Land Bed and Breakfast, you will find roses are everywhere on the premises. The beautiful owner utilizes roses to decorate the building and each room in Rose Land Bed and Breakfast is named after rose species. Her unique creative and intelligence bring the rose kingdom to life. As roses sway in the wind and the air is full of scent, the Rose Land Bed and Breakfast welcomes you to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of roses with us.
School of dance, Taipei National University of the Arts
Double Half 2014 Focus Dance Company
Drama Theatre Plays 戲院 Yilan City 宜蘭縣宜蘭市中山路二段482號 Details
Ceilinged intellectual thinking, evolutionary style level, ten unique works will bring different sensory stimuli.
Bed & Breakfast 民宿 testkkkmmm
The Dew Bed & Breakfast 晨露庄
The BEST B&B in Yilan
Bed & Breakfast 民宿 Dongshan Township 363, Wuhan Fifth Rd., Wuyuan Village, Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Details
Come experience the authentic freedom and warmth of the authentic Yilan lifestyle in your home away from home. In Yilan you’ll be treated not like a stranger, but like an old friend. Escape the pressure of everyday life and return to the simple pleasures. Find yourself, reenergize, and discover what it means to love yourself and enjoy life!
The Mutton Shop 羊舖子
Great Mutton shop
Snack bar Only 只有小吃店 Luodong Township Stall No. 1093, Luodong Night Market Details
The muttons are slightly boiled in a boiling soup that contains Chinese medicines. It's important to control the amount of time that muttons are boiled in order to get rid of the unpleasant flavor but keep the delicate taste of the meat. The mutton is served with broth (no MSG added) and satay sauce made from ancient recipe. This dish is truly a blessing for those who are afraid of the gaminess of mutton. The insistence on the quality of the dishes attracts endless streams of patrons.
Xinyuan Bed and Breakfast 芯園
A Garden for Everyone's Dream
Bed & Breakfast 民宿 Dongshan Township 120, Ln. 312, Sec. 1, Funong Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Details
I never dreamed that I can build my own castle with people holding cameras in the hands and taking pictures. When I was a child, I enjoyed the countryside scenery. I often wish one day I could have a beautiful garden. Thanks to my husband who made my dreams come true. We sacrificed our sleep and worked until midnight. Before the typhoon struck, we protected our trees and flowers in the garden. Eventually, our hardwork had finally paid off. We won the national contest of "The Most Beautiful Garden in Taiwan" and we were crowned by the Japanese media with the name for "Garden for everyone's dream." Xinyuan Bed & Breakfast covers an area of 3,600 meter squares and has nine dream castles. All the trees and the plants are like my children and it is my responsibility to look after them and nurture them. As the seasons change, our garden turns into different colors. People can smell the fragrance in the air and appreciate the new look and appeaerance.
Yifeng Scallion Pancake 義豐蔥油派
Juicy Scallion Pancake
Snack bar Only 只有小吃店 Luodong Township The Corner of Xingdong Rd. and Linsen Rd., Luodong Township, Yilan County 265, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (The Details
The scallion pies are flaky and have fillings made from Yilan's own Sanxing scallion. The skin of the pie is crispy and the filling is soft but chewy. Many foodies praise the shop for the special sweet fragrance of the pies.
Yilan Scallion Ice-cream 三星蔥冰淇淋
Snack bar Only 只有小吃店 Luodong Township Stall in front of 96 Gongyuan Rd., Luodong Township, Yilan County 265, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Details
The stall sells local flavor ice creams such as Scallion Ice-cream, Kumquat Ice-cream and Red Guava Ice-cream.
Yingshih Bed & Breakfast 英仕山莊
Natural Paradise
Bed & Breakfast 民宿 Datong Township 1, Ln. 21, Sec. 3, Taiya Rd., Yingshi Village, Datong Township, Yilan County, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Details
Yingshih Bed & Breakfast is located near the landmark of 91.5 km of Provincial Highway No. 7 in Yingshi Village, Datong Township of Yilan County. It is the gateway for travelers heading to Taiping Mountain, Li Mountain, and Lala Mountain. The neighboring Lanyang River is vast and the outdoor activities are abundant in this natural paradise. You can enjoy a hayride tour in the surrounding countryside and feast your eyes on the beautiful natural forest valley. In addition, our tour guide will introduce you to the local scenery and culture, including an aboriginal village and valley farm. Yingshih Bed & Breakfast features Taiwan's only water wheel driven revolving restaurant, offering visitors a chance to dine and sip tea while enjoying a panoramic slowly shifting view of the Lanyang River and surrounding countryside.
Yosemite Bed & Breakfast 優勝美地音樂渡假民宿
Superior and Beautiful B&B!
Bed & Breakfast 民宿 Yuanshan Township 321, Sec. 3, Lanfeng Rd., Yuanshan Township, Yilan County 264, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Details
The rice fields flutter and sway in the breeze. The sound of croaking frogs is accompanied by the scent of osmanthus and jasmine. Enjoy the starry night on a summer night. Yosemite Bed & Breakfast was named after both its owners and after America’s Yosemite National park, and aims to provide guests with a “Superior and Beautiful” place to relax and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in beautiful Yilan.
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