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Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Language Exchange -Taipei
26 02/18/17 Details
Hello, this is Anita from Kaohsiung. I'm a native Mandarin speaker. I'm writing to look for a long-term language exchange partner in Taipei. I'll be in Taipei after this summer (2017) A little bit about me. My friends reckon me as an easy-going but responsible person. I have just started to learn knotting and would be so happy if anyone like to do it a well! Additionally, I am a big fan of doing handcraft. This is a serious post for doing Language Exchange instead of just having a cup of coffee. However, I'm really confident of assisting you to improve your Chinese especially in terms of pronunciation, intonation and listening. I'm also hoping you are willing to help improve my speaking skill in return. Please feel free to send me a (private) message if still interested. I'm happy to discuss how we could work-out together for the LE :)
Language Exchange;語言交換
Language Exchange
Language Exchange
34 02/18/17 Details
Hi, I am Ray.I am native speaker for Chinese.I want to improve my English ability for listening and speaking.Hope we could exchange language to practice each other.If you want to learn Chinese , please contact me.Thank you.
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Language Excahnge
25 02/17/17 Details
Hello, I am Ling-tsai and I am a 25 year-old master's student currently studying English literature at Soochow University in Taipei. I am currently looking for someone from the UK who can help me with my speaking.I have a passion for British culture and plan to travel to there for my research about Jane Austen this summer so I'd love to learn some common phrases and words in British English. Also, I am a Chinese tutor and I specialize in teaching western students.I am pretty sure that I'll be able to help improve your Chinese a lot.Look forward to hearing from you soon! Please let me know if you're interested in it. Please contact me via Email:tsai71027@gmail.com
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
English, Japanese and Spanish
02/17/17 Details
I love to travel and make friends; therefor I want to shape my language skills, particularly English, Japanese and Spanish. My English is quite ok, but Japanese and Spanish are just above the ground 0. I really want to start to learn Japanese or Spanish ASAP. I am a friendly lady, open-minded, love to try and learn new things, cooking, watching movies, singing, etc.. I think by far my best quality is I am a good listener! I sincerely hope to find someone who is also friendly and will take all the troubles to teach me Japanese or Spanish. I would love to be a good friend and teach or practice Chinese with you in return.
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
find English native speaker
21 02/17/17 Details
hi~my name is Sabrina, a junior from National Taiwan University, study in Finance. I plan to study in Netherlands next semester, so I want to fine an English native speaker who want to practice his Mandarin. My interests is music(like piano and guitar), sing, reading, and playing table tennis. If you have some common interests with me and want to practice Chinese, please contact me!
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
PhD student/musician looking for Chinese language partner
02/16/17 Details
Hi! I am a PhD student and musician looking for someone to practice my Chinese with. I can help you practice your English and also give you some guitar lessons if you'd like!
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
looking for Spanish-Mandarin language
21 02/16/17 Details
looking for someone can teach me pronunciation of Spanish and I can teach Mandarin(via video chat). I am not professional but I had TCSL course. I studied etymology and history before so sent a mail if you are interested.
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
looking for language exchange
19 02/16/17 Details
I’m Allen, I would like to have language exchange .I’m a student in Taipei city. Don't have lots of friends speaking english and want to improve english , so I wanna try this program. Instead, I'll teach chinese in return. I live in Jingmei(木柵). If u have the willing, please contact me by email-shenblues@gmail.com :)
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
22-35 02/15/17 Details
Hi!I am Iris from Taichung.I'm looking for native English speakers who want to learn Chinese to be L.E. partners. I want to improve my English, especially my speaking and listening.We can have drinks, meals or watch movies together.E-mail me if you are interested. My Email is v2247003@hotmail.com
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Language exchange or Tutor
33 02/15/17 Details
Hi I'm Jim from the states! I'm a traveler and I have decided to settle in Taiwan for some time and learn to speak Chinese. I've got plans to attend Shida in the summer. I'd like to set up a regular schedule with an individual or a small group 2-3 times per week. I'm willing to meet in person or by Skype or FaceTime or whatever. I love being in Taiwan and I'm excited to learn Chinese so I can explore more deeply. I love riding my bicycle through Taipei and hiking and exploring the nature of this country. Hope to talk with you soon!

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