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# Headline Category Location District Rent /Mo. in NT$ Bedrooms Posted In Favorites Details
Looking for a place near NTU!!
Housing Wanted Taipei City 台北市 daan 10000 1 09/13/14 Details
Hello, I am a 24 year old girl from Estonia. I just moved to Taipei to start a masters degree at National Taiwan University. I am looking for a place to rent near there, Gongguan MRT station would be ideal, but also Wanlong and Taipower building MRT station is good. I am a clean and quiet person and get along very well with most people. If you have something, just let me know, thanks!
Looking for a room near NTU
Housing Wanted Taipei City 台北市 Da'an (Near NTU) Up to $14,000 1 09/12/14 Details
Hello, I am an American student studying Chinese at NTU this semester. I will be in Taiwan until the end of December and am looking for a place to live until then. Because this is a shorter-term lease, I am willing to pay a little more than a room might be worth. I am fine with roommates with most living habits (aside from smoking). I would prefer a room near either Gutting, Taipower Building, Gongguan or Wanlong MRT stations, though am a bit flexible. Having a kitchen would be a plus, as I like to cook. I am not very particular on the style of the building or the kitchen. Thanks for your help!
Looking for a apartment /not important which place
Housing Wanted Taipei City 台北市 all districts 15000 1 09/11/14 Details
I am a 28 yr old German male worker who will be staying in Taipei to work at a broadcaster for one month. The period of time is from 27th of October 2014 to 30th November 2014. I need to find an apartment/roommate asap! I dont need very much: one bed, a bathroom and a kitchen. I love sports: If a gym is the vicinity, that would be great. Thanks!
Looking for a studio or a room in a shared apartment
Housing Wanted Taipei City 台北市 Daan or near NTUST up to 13000 1 09/09/14 Details
Hi! My name is Markus, I am a exchange student from Austria and I am looking for a room in an shared apartment or a studio near NTUST. I would need the housing from mid September till end of January. I am looking forward to meeting new friends with whom I can have a great time in Taipei. Feel free to contact me :-)
American student, female, 28, looking for housing
Housing Wanted Taipei City 台北市 near NTU 1 09/08/14 Details
I am a 28 yr old American female student who will be staying in Taipei to study Chinese at NTU for the year. I need to find an apartment/roommate asap! Thanks!
Looking for a flat
Housing Wanted Taipei City 台北市 Daan/Xinyi 25K 1 09/02/14 Details
Hi, French 21 years old here, looking for a studio or apartment to share with others for a 5 months duration. I'm in Taipei for an internship in software engineering. Ideally, the flat would be located along the blue MRT line. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want more information. Cheers!
NTU Mandarin language student looking for housing
Housing Wanted Taipei City 台北市 Da'an/Xinyi/Songshan/Zhongshan 10,000-20,000 2 08/26/14 Details
Hi! My name is Lauro, I am from Germany and I'm 20 years old. I will be taking a one-year Mandarin course at the NTU (the course is the ICLP). I consider the best way to learn a language is by speaking it at home. As a result I am looking for Mandarin-speaking flatmates or a host family. I am very flexible when it comes to the flat itself (features, pricing, size, etc.). If you are interested please contact me under: lamm5918@gmail.com
Housing Wanted Taiwan - Island -Wide ! 全台灣 Anywhere! 4000 MAX utilities incl. 1 08/20/14 Details
Hi there, I'm a French girl, 32yo, and I'll be in Taiwan because I simply love it! I left France in 2008. I'm neither studying nor working for somebody... just doing stuff for myself via the Web. I'll be back to Taiwan from the 20th of September, to the 11th of December 2014. Already been living in Taipei for over 5 months last year and really enjoyed it. Been traveling all around Taiwan and LOVED IT! Now want to discover another everyday life in Taiwan other than Taipei... WHEREVER! Just need a room (in a shared flat/house or on its own) with bed, desk, chair, proper internet connection, window (!) and sun light! Budget: 3-4 K/month. I don't speak Mandarin... yet! I'm fluent in English and can understand/speak little Japanese. I would love to improve my Japanese. I'm not a party girl. I'm very simple and a bit geeky. I love meet people, discover and learn. I love food! Street food or homemade food but not the fancy brunch/tea places... that you can make much better at home for a fraction of the price. I repeat: wherever in Taiwan! Thank you!
Looking for place to live
Housing Wanted Taipei City 台北市 DA'AN 8000 -12000 1 08/17/14 Details
Photo Hi, I'm a 26 year old American guy that's returning to school by studying Mandarin at National Taiwan University's Chinese Language Division. I'd like a 3-month lease with some roommates, but I'm open to all offers. I want to stay close to NTU for my studies though. I like to have fun and party, but generally I am clean, quiet, and spend my time reading and exploring. I am very flexible on all criteria. I intend to transition to teaching English after some time studying Mandarin.
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