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Mandarin teaching
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Masters Degree Other 3384 Details
Hi there, I have passion to share learning Mandarin, although I do not have teaching experience. Contact me if you are interested!
Study Chinese in Hsinchu -National Tsing Hua University!
Taiwan Hsinchu City 新竹市 Ph.D. Other 4610 Details
Photo Caring, conscientious and student-focused. Learn Professional Chinese in Hsinchu City! Intensive 3-Month Course Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking. Master Key Skills FAST! Conversation Classes Improve Speaking Quickly. Spring enrollment ongoing. Limited spaces! 03-571-5131 ext.62355
Chinese Tutor
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Finance 4475 Details
Photo Hey, I’m Judy, and I am available to teach Chinese. I have more than 10 years experience writing scripts for Taiwanese dramas, so I am familiar with different conversation/writing styles and am aware of the differences between words. I think watching dramas is a great way to learn a language, and so we could use those in lessons. I have also assisted some of my American friends in learning Chinese before, helping them with grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary, and recently I completed a class at NTNU about teaching adults Chinese. I feel that Chinese pronunciation, especially tones, are the hardest part of learning Chinese (and a teacher is really necessary in learning them), so we could concentrate on that, or anything else that you would like to improve. Thanks!
professional Chinese teacher
Taiwan Taichung City 台中市 Bachelors Degree Mandarin 4628 Details
Hi, I’m Sue.I live in Taichung. I have more than 20 years experience in teaching Mandarin in one-on-one lessons and group classes.I have the certificate of Proficiency for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language from the Ministry of Education of the R.O.C.I can teach listening, speaking, reading and writing and I’m good at Chinese conversation and grammars. Please contact me if you need a professional teacher.
Mandarin tutor in Taitung, speak French and English
Taiwan Taitung County 台東縣 Masters Degree Sociology 4531 Details
Hello, my name is Inesa, I live in Taitung, Taiwan. I use to live in France for 6 years and I work in Burkina Faso from Jan. 2017 to July 2017, so I speak fluently French as well. I have a master of social sciences of EHESS(École des hautes études en sciences sociaux, France). I work as a mandarin tutor while I lived in Paris for at least 4 years. Now I'm back to Taiwan and I'm currently receiving officially mandarin teaching training. At the same time, I'm also working on child book and painting(illustration). My pronunciation of mandarin is very standard, clear and correct. I would love to help the foreigns to improve their mandarin.
professional Chinese language teacher in Hsin Chu
Singapore Hsinchu City 新竹市 Masters Degree Education 2799 Details
Photo Hi, I am Stacy, a professional mandarin tutor with a Masters Degree in Education (University of Western Australia, TOP 5 in Australia) and postgraduate diploma (National Education Institute, Nan Yang Technology University, Singapore, TOP 15 in Asia) in Chinese language teaching as a second language. I have been teaching Chinese language lessons to English speaking students for more than 10 years. I have 5 years full-time experience as a high school Chinese language teacher under the Ministry of Education in Singapore, and 5 years experience working as a TV journalist with Chinese Media and a Marketing Communication Manager with the largest NGO in Singapore. In year 2013, I started my own business teaching mandarin as a private tutor in Hsinchu city, Taiwan. Due to my international background, I am not only a native Chinese speaker, but also familiar with different usages of mandarin in Taiwan, Mainland China and South East Asia. I am experienced in classroom teaching and also 1 on 1 tutoring. Besides daily survival Chinese, I am also working with executives from science park on business Chinese and academic scholars on cultural related discussions. As a professionally trained teacher, I have the ability to develop my own teaching resources using the latest news, video clips and even signs or posters on street. My students’ levels are various from elementary to advanced, they are engineers, business executives, English teachers, scholars and international students etc. If you are looking for a real customized Chinese class that suits your needs, please email me to get a reasonable quote, I would be excited to meet and discuss your study plan.
Educational Psychology
Taiwan Masters Degree Psychology 3661 Details
Major in psychology, but also have certificate in education
tutor -Chinese
Taiwan Taichung City 台中市 Bachelors Degree English 4629 Details
Hi, I have taught English for 7 years. I am talkative and nice. Hope I have a chance to teach you.
I can teach you Chinese
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Physical Education 4671 Details
Photo I can help you learn Chinese Give me a chance
master degree in Teaching Chinese as a second language
Taiwan Taichung City 台中市 Masters Degree Education 4668 Details
Hi, I'm Rachel. I have a master degree in Teaching Chinese as a second language and have more than 4 years teaching experience. I am now teaching Chinese in Feng Chia University Chinese Language Center. I used to teach Chinese in the College of Holy Cross in the U.S. for 1 year. I am experienced in classroom teaching and one-on-one tutoring, my students are from all over the world and in different ages. Please feel free to contact me.
Experienced and Outgoing Mandarin Teacher
Taiwan New Taipei City 新北市 Bachelors Degree English 4670 Details
Photo Ni hao(Hello)! Chinese learners! Wo shi(I am) Aurora! If you are looking for a professional Mandarin teacher, here are some things you should know about me! 1) As an experienced teacher, I have plenty of experiences teaching Chinese language and culture to students from different countries such as Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia, America, etc. 2) I am also able to teach students of all ages. I have taught students from kindergarten to adults and even senior learners. 3) As flexible and professional as a teacher like me, I always adjust different teaching techniques and always guide my students through my lessons while meeting their individual learning requirements. 4) With my patience to help my students learn Chinese, students can always feel at ease while taking lessons with me. 5) I constantly strive to encourage my students to freely express themselves in Chinese as much as possible in order to further improve their overall learning experiences in class. If you have any question regarding Mandarin or my classes, please don't hesitate to contact me :) Hurry up and arrange a class with me! I'm looking forward to meet you and help you!
Native Chinese Speaker
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Management 4666 Details
HI, my name is YU-WEN.You can call me Wendy.I am a native Chinese speaker and am interested in teaching my language to anyone who is keen to learn. I am flexible and am open to discuss how best to make my class interesting and effective for all students. I am also fluent in English so there will not be any communication barrier.
Learning Chinese in Taipei City
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Chemical Engineering 4667 Details
Photo Hi, I'm Stacy, a mandarin tutor who also can introduce Taiwan to you in many different way. I currently have few students, i can teach you basic conversation, writing, grammar or even if you want to learn Taiwan culture or politics. Basically I'm available in the morning and afternoon, but we always can discuss the time. I will make a personal learn schedule for you, also will focus on what you like to learn first. i can make learning Chinese become a easy-understand and fun. I like to go hiking, exercise, try different food and sometime hangout with my friends, chill at a bar or be a volunteer. So if you're interesting learning Chinese, feel free to context me anytime :)
Chinese tutor
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Education 4662 Details
Hi, my name is Jin. I just start my tutoring business. I will teach Chinese by lots of practicing instead of explaining grammars. In my class, I will use lots of pictures, situations to help you learn Chinese. Basically, it is an all-Chinese lesson, I will speak English if needs. Please contact me to discuss details of the class, I will design the class according to your needs.
Chinese tutor /business Chinese /conversation
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Masters Degree Economics 4663 Details
Photo I have a master degree in economics and 10 years experience in financial field, so I can teach conversation and business Chinese in a efficient way. I have been a tutor for 6 years with my own teaching materials. We can discuss how your Chinese class process together. Let’s start learning Chinese!
Chinese Tutors
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Masters Degree Business 4664 Details
Hi, my name is becky, I’ve a Chinese Teaching certificate, and I have been teaching kids & adults for many years during my free time. I can help you with your Chinese in different areas what you hope to focus on. We can discuss more in the first time, I’m looking for see you:)
I can teach you the basic conversations to business language in mandarin ,even the skill of speech
Taiwan New Taipei City 新北市 Bachelors Degree Mass Communications 4661 Details
Photo Hello, my name is Rome, I based in Taipei.I have more than 4 years experience of teaching, and especially the skill of speech and writing , and recently I attended a class at NTNU about teaching adults Chinese. I also have some knowledge of Japanese , and fluent English skills . My pronunciation of mandarin is very standard, clear and correct , I am also a professional speaker . I would love to help the foreigns to improve their mandarin.
Be a Chinese master
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Electrical Engineering 4660 Details
I was an exchange student before;fun teaching enjoy life!!
Mandarin Chinese Teacher
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Masters Degree Education 4656 Details
Hello, I am Lizzy, professional and experienced Mandarin Chinese teacher for foreign learners. My students are from all over the world and in different ages: Franch, English, Japnese, Korean, Indian, TAS students, TES students.., etc. And I worked as a Chinese teacher in Liverpool Chinese School in the UK. I have more than 5 years teaching experience and now I am helping many foreign learners to improve their Mandarin Chinese skill. I will be willing to help you to learn Chinese in a more efficient way. My teaching goal is: practical, useful, and inspiring. Pleases feel free to contact me, I am always ready to help you to master your Mandarin Chinese skill!
Daytime weekdays Chinese tutor available, Taipei City
Canada, Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 MBA MBA 4657 Details
In my pass career, I have always enjoyed holding internal classes to educate co-workers regarding Financial processes, regulations, and how to use systems to help enhancing user knowledge/experience. Also, I have been teaching my two kids English and Mandarin (including Chinese challigraphy) since they were little. I believe learning language should be apleasant and frequent exposure via listening, speaking and reading is important in learning. There is no single method to apply for all the learners. And I would like to help finding out what works the best for you!
Chinese Teacher
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Linguistics 4658 Details
I'm Chou Yu-Chun. I've been teaching Chinese for over 3 years. These teaching experiences have let me develop my own teaching methods and the skills to make Chinese easier, more interesting and more understandable. My students considered me as a tutor, who are very adaptable for everybody and also a very communicative and pragmatic person. Please contact me if interested!
Mandarin tutor/Chinese teacher
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Masters Degree Education 4659 Details
Photo In 2014, my MS degree was conferred on me from Chung-Yuan Christian University in Taiwan. During the MS career, my research was focused upon teaching Chinese via cultural activities, such as martial arts. Additionally, with the certificate of proficiency for teaching Chinese as a foreign language, I was in charge of several Mandarin courses for the students around the world. Apart from that, as being assigned by my supervisor, I was responsible for tutoring advanced study for foreign Mandarin teachers from Indonesia.     After the graduation, I had more than 3-year Chinese teaching experiences for junior-high school students. My daily task included regular teaching job and the design of teaching materials. Besides, as a high school teacher, giving counsel and guiding their behavior to teenage students are also my area of expertise. As a result, I believe I am a qualified professional regarding Mandarin teacher.  
Mandarin Teacher
Taiwan Taichung City 台中市 Bachelors Degree English 4655 Details
Photo Dear students, I am a native Chinese speaker and live in Taiwan. I graduated from National Taichung University of Science and Technology and got my bachelor's degree. My background was English majored, international trade, banking and insurance. But, now I am a research assistant and a Chinese teacher. I've been teaching Chinese on the internet and face-to-face for 2 years. My Chinese teaching materials depend on student’s level. The Chinese book which I use is 3rd Edition, Practical Audio-Visual Chinese 新版實用視聽華語. From volume 1 to 5. If you have your own materials learning Chinese, I could use yours, too. I could teach Chinese via video call or face-to-face, based on your needs. In my opinion, I think the best way to learn a language is to use it. Because language itself is used to communication. Not for taking exams. Learning a language takes time to reach intermediate or advanced level. It's really interesting learning a new language. I will try my best to help you, but your persistent is the most important while learning a language. The hour of each lesson is an hour. The hour is negotiable if you want to have more time or less time of each lesson. And the hourly pay is NTD$ 350 per hour. If you are interested in learning Chinese with me. Even just practice your Chinese. Please contact me via my contact information below, thank you. Also, I could help you with your pronunciation, writing, speaking, and listening. Please contact me and tell me which way do you prefer to have lesson, which parts (listening, writing, speaking, listening or other) do you want to improve and what's your Chinese level. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Sarah
Professional Accent Reduction in Chinese
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Masters Degree Linguistics 4653 Details
I am a certificated Speech Language Pathologist located at Taipei Taiwan. I studied at USC and UCF for my Psychology and Communication Disorder. I work in hospital for adult who has language difficulty(aphasia, accent reduction , stutter, etc) and children who have specific language impairment or delayed language development. I know the mechanism of pronunciation, how your brain process language. I will spot your weakness and tell you what you need to practice and help you to improve your Chinese into another level.
An easy going chinese teacher
Taiwan Taichung City 台中市 2-Year College Degree Other 4654 Details
My name is Eason I born and work for my family kinder-garden till my high school graduated. Then I move overseas to continue study till few years ago. That is why I could speak Chinese and English both fluently.
Chinese is Awesome!
Taiwan Taichung City 台中市 Masters Degree Education 4650 Details
About my teaching: I try to make learning fun and personal, and invest a great deal of time into each lesson. I try to use games and entertaining Chinese media to keep students interested and engaged. My Master’s thesis explored over 20 different methods for learning Chinese Characters (I can teach either Simplified or Traditional, by the way) alone, so I am always interested in experimenting and finding out what works best for each and every student. I also know how rap in Chinese and Taiwanese, and can do a great Beijing accent!
Chinese/Mandarin tutor
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Masters Degree Film Studies 4648 Details
Hi! I am Wang, a native Chinese(Mandarin) speaker. Born and bred in Taipei, Taiwan—a city with a rich mixture of Western and Eastern influences, I had an opportunity to expose myself to various cultures. I went to Educational Technology for my undergraduate study. Then, I relocated to United State to pursue my graduate study in Film production. I enjoy the most of teaching is to help and inspire others to speak out their minds, and to find fun and easy ways to learn Chinese! :)
Mandarin Tutor
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Business 4652 Details
Halo, I'm Jennifer, a native Mandarin speaker from Taiwan. I love to share Taiwanese culture with all of my students. The key to learning a language is not merely reading the books but to use it in your daily life. And in so doing, broaden your horizon toward the deepness of this culture. I have been teaching Mandarin as a tutor, very interested in teaching, also have certification of TCYL(Teaching Chinese to Young Learner) and TCSOL(Teaching of Chinese to Speaker for Other Language). Here! Let's learn together from now!
Chinese Tutor /teacher
Taiwan, USA Taipei City 台北市 Masters Degree Other 4649 Details
I am familiar with all TESOL method since I was teaching ENG in adult school in the US. I think I can apply those method into Mandarin teaching. I want to teach Mandain cuz I am a native speaker of Mandarin. It makes more sense to teach this language as well as Taiwanese culture. Language and Culture always together !
Tutor of Chinese.Mandarin.Can speak English.
China China Bachelors Degree Other 4643 Details
Hi, I am a mandarin speaker and I have 8 years of teaching Chinese as a part-time job. I taught in Nanjing University. And my job is international trade so I can speak English. I live in Nanjing and would love to teach Chinese to you.

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