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Taiwan New Taipei City 新北市 Bachelors Degree Japanese 4183 Details
Photo Let’s learn languages and Taiwanese cultures with FUN. I am Katherine, a native speaker of Mandarin and Taiwanese, have been tutoring Mandarin for years since I got TCSOL (Teachers of Chinese to speakers of other languages) certificate in 2007. I am also teaching Japanese and I do love teaching. After more than a decade been a freelance translator and interpreter of Japanese, I drew my second favorite work to a perfect end as the 70th book was published in 2013. I consider myself the kind of tutor who is not JUST experienced, over 2,000 hours of teaching languages and 15 years as a sales manager in Taiwan and China, but also enjoys everything in life, loves to share experiences, fond of traveling, reading, photographing, doing yoga and hiking, etc. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning practical Mandarin of daily or business conversation, or anything about Taiwan either languages or cultures with an extremely patient tutor, cheers. ~Hope you enjoy every moment during your stay in my Formosa.~
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